H E Y !

This week I've spent most my days biting my chapped lips so they result in bleeding (mm) and stalking Alexa Chung and Steve Aoki online (both tot@L hawteez).

I'm kind of bored of everything at the moment, and it SUX because I feel as if I don't have enough friends for different things. Don't get me wrong, I have the most amazing friends evs but sometimes to gigs etc I have to like drag them because they aren't really into the music. IS this a cry for me needing to get more friends or is it normal? So in conclusion I might become a social recluse. Yes, you heard right. Well it isn't MUCH change from how am I already.. I'll probably be at a gig alone, on the phone to my mum/grandma having a panic attack, sipping apple juice pretending I'm cool and drinking alkihal!! ****cway-zay gal al3rt***. Maybe this could, in fact trigger a sense of mystery, and allure on my behalf? Out of pity people could start a convo with me! Oh my God I've struk gawld.

P.S I think I HAVE OFFICIALLY got fleas. Since I hang mostly with Charlie, Lucy's homosexual dog, who is either stratching his balls or itching himself, I have now been scratching away. Actually, I'm currently scratching my back. This is really the last thing I need.

To top of my star studded life style, I was on the phone with my friend who told me her grandma got a hernia from squeezing too hard from constipation.. "Anna, so my nan is telling me in her rich indian accent, MY POO WAS NINE BLOODY INCHES." Oh Christ.



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