VICE.COM Launch (review or whatever)

Sooooo haven't written in my dear old blog in a while, well anything juicy in size or interest so I thought I'd write a chunky piece.

Well, where to start.. my hair is ginger. It doesn't really suit me TBH, but I think I rok it. Went to this Vice.COM Launch party, which was supposed to big 'da biggest parT hosted by them in 2 years". So OBVS, me being me, I was harassing my friends into coming holding convos such as "Ah m8 yh, basix I blog 4 vice, *waitz 4 jaw drop bcoz i'm so cool* yeah, VICE, as in da indie mag, yeah and well they gonna be holdin sum wICKED with a capital W partee so pls come pls i beg."
I managed to get 2 of my best pals to come, which I was really pleased about. <3

Appaz queues would start at 8:30 so we were advised to get there for 7, but because we were in a rush to do other things, we got there at 8:30. OH MY DEAR GOD. Ok, there was literally the two biggest queues I've seen, filled with the most hipster, indie, whatever you wanna call it, people I've ever seen. You had the "I'm JME/Giggs" look, with the whole flat cap, low ridah jeans. You had the long hair guys with ray ban reading glasses with a baseball cap on look (which I dig).

Whatevs. So we're standing there for ages, pretty much cat-walking up and down the queues, trying to coax the bodyguard into letting us in "I know Tom Vek...pwomise", "Mate, come on, let's face it, we need to get in, we're doing mayj coverage." And standardly we just got sent back the BACK of the queue. Poor us :( Most wise people left, as we were all told '1 in 1 out' was the policy, and that it was best for us all to go home. Nah m8, I trekked to this shit, I wasn't turning back. Desperate measures were called for, so my friend climbed onto my other friend's shoulder and shouted "LET US IN". It was fucking mayhem mate, fucking mayhem. OH also, to top off the vibe, I got called a lesbian by some dude who drank half are alkihole. Klklkl. Sfe. xoxo

SO eventually, we stole some people's wristbands, went in, drank some free shit, and got crunk. We missed Giggs, but whatev. He was still in da building, so I'm saying we "partied wiv him". . Um yeah. That's it really.



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