Feeling miserable and horrible ATM. Can't go to Field Day, can't go to Underage, will make Gross Magic on Wedz but will probably get kicked out for stalking/getting aggressive. Ordered some hair dye to make me look nice (r)

Trying to get a job, that's working out well lolz jkz. I want to work in some indie place so I can LOL but CBA to trek to Covent Garden or Bwick Lane every morning. Gonna make a movie by the sea tomorrow, including some nudity because I've been wanting to do that, not like 'come here boyz' because that's just gross but just 4 ARTZ sake ya know? I don't partic want it up on facebook, as everyone will probably say ' i dnt gt it??? y u taking vdeo?? y u not at parti??". Generally I get like 6 dislikes if I put videos on youtube but I'll probs put it there, but definitely on the blog. So y'all can throw some insults/criticism/lolz at me.

P.S- Can everyone get over the fact I h8 Midnight Beast. Go take your lame a$$ comments and go edit your tumblr with some more pixx of Odd Future or a sk8er boy bunnin weed. Thanx.

Love you, please pray I feel less ugly and less like Jack Black tomozzles.



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