It's like 2 in the morning so yesterday is technically yesterday If that makes sense. Anyways, I went bowling with Olivia and Lucy.

Since I've always been really competitive and good at bowling, it came as a not so nice surprise when I aimed for the middle of the lane and all of a sudden my ball tilted all the way to the left. I lost both games. Not gonna lie I was quite baffled/close to tears. Some nine year old Indian kid who appaz Olivia 'knew', god knowz how, started watching us with all his m8z, jesus christ it felt like we were on baywatch or something (jkz). He then sat down on the bench next to us and I asked why his friends weren't with him. "They don't give a FUK about me", he blurted with his little chubby cheeks. Ok.. AWKZ. I also asked for his name, and I swear he said Eastern, but I probs heard wrong. BTDUBZ, the bowling alley radio kept playing indie shit like Beady Eye, Metronomy and effing Foals. WTF. I almost missed hearing Cascada there.

< Me declarin peace hehe

We went home and I watched Grease with Tazz aka Muhammed and felt sad at the last song. It felt Like I had been at high school with Rizzo and Sandy and was saying goodbye. *wipez a tear frum mi I.*


Anna Sampson


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