What else can you do?

Hey, so this blog is addressing the point, that in the way you look, there really is nothing more you can do that somebody else somewhere out there has not done already (pretty much). To all those reading and thinking "whut about wearing a whale out in public as a dwess hehehehe". Yeah, I don't mean CRAZY things like that.

About a year ago I thought it would be fun to put pink in my hair, kinda dip-dye ish or whatevs, and at that point it wasn't being done so much. I let it sit, as I wanted my hair to grow. This summer, now that my hair is finally grown longer, EVERYONE, literally EVERYONE (girls) is doing it. Either brown hair with ginger/blonde ends, blonde with pink, blonde with blue. Not saying I invented this 'trend' or whatever but it's like now I feel so un original these days. I took a trip to Bleach London (standard), and they dip dyed my ends pink, total rip off btdubz, it faded in a couple days. Anyways, it was so cringe 2k11 walking into MacDonalds seeing a girl with blue on the ends too...ya know? I got so annoyed I f-d the system and put blue not on my ends, but up my near my roots, and no, not to be socially accepted in the wurld of 'indie', just because I'm bored of my appearance and find my life dull.

Maybz I shave my eyebrows off and bleach my eyelashes, because at least I won't look like a copi kat!. hehehe just kidding! <3



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