UMO @ The Lexington July 5th

Was super excited about seeing Unknown Mortal Orchestra, as I've been listening to them on repeat. (WWW.UNKNOWNMORTALORCHESTRA.COM) They're a trio from Oregon, and this was actually their first gig out of America. Good choice coming to London, as the gig was sold out, and the hipsters were pouring into the pub. At first, the chick at the ticket booth said it was TOTALLY sold out, but we managed to get our way in (badass). Well, UMO were fucking incredible, 'FFunny Frends' was my favorite, it electrified the room and everyone seemed to love it. The set in general was mind blowing. Well done guyz. (p.s my pictures are terrible, because I wasn't up close). I included a nice snap to illustrate how hot it was in there and how we looked after...


  1. good post. I'm seeing UMO on saturday.


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