I'm lyk, scuse me you're a h3ll ov a guy!

Sonia and Nina, 2 out of my like 6 friends *baby cries in da corner* went bowling yesterday.

Sonia, the indian one, and I, are really competitive, so if Nina got a good score we'd throw insults at her and shout "FUCK OFF CUNT". Shame there were a party of three 7 year olds in the lane right next to us. Poor Nina still high fived me when I did well at which I'd reply "stop being so fuckin nice, you're making me feel bad." Sonia would chime in "yeah get yer game on". LOLZ. Neenz would just look down, almost a tear in her eye.To make matters even better my bra was luminous, so the kiddies in the lane next to us could see my boobs. I kind of luved the attention. Wot a tot@l SLUT!! HEHEHE

Nina leaves to get us drinks and it's her go, so us being malicious and down right ch33ky, we put her bowling bowl down and kicked it, so she got a shit score as it obvz wen't straight into the gutter. **GOD PLZ FORGIVE US**
After knocking down 1 pin Sonia would say "i like, meant to do dat innit yar"...awkz
Us 2 looking fly at Chiquitos.. where the after party hit off..lulz
Sonia trying to look sexy with the ball and it failing.


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