Gross Magic @ The Old Blue Last- Vice Photo Issue Launch

So yeah I went to the Old Blue Last, and never heard Gross Magic before, but they were supporting UMO at The Lexington so I thought they must be decent. The lead singer kinda looked like Cole from the Black Lips, working that whole kinda "i'm scruffy, I probably take drugs, I don't shower look". teeheehehe. Anyways, the music was amazing. I thought it sounded a lot like Smith Westerns, and T-REX-y. Sam's voice is really high pitched, and whiny, but it all really really workz and is easy to listen to. 'Sweetest Touch' has been on repeat at the moment. I'd describe it in 3 words as : hazy, whiny and catchy. Oh yeah, Waiting For You is super, really simple, but I guarantee you'll be hummin it out n' about. If I took drugs I'd listen to this music while taking them coz it's all a bit twippeee!!! lulz heheeh
After, we un professionally prompted them for an interview. They were pretty shy but really nice guyz, and it was so sweet because their parents came to see the show. The filming quality was shit, but I'll post it up soon. It's so refreshing to see a new band that aren't pricks and pretentious, honestly from speaking to them they seem really lovely and inspiring! I think we freaked them out too much, as they tweeted "I hate people" and "I wanna go home" like an hour after we stalked them asking 4 pix and interviews. LOLZZ...
< cammy shy :"( we still luv u

Unfortunately, the interview cut off after like, 2 minutes, but I'm bringing my PROPER vid cam to their launch in a week, so holler over here for touch wood, a more detailed interview.


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