1234 Festival- part 1

So, we rolled up to 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park, which seemed like it took an hour to walk to from Liverpool St. Station. Anyways, so we get there at around 12, and it seems smaller then I expected. I knew I had a press pass but was elated when I got a photo pass. I've never felt so cool in my life. I was like 'fuck you indies, fuck you h8rs, I'm in da VIP area this time so sit down'. lolz.
Whatever, we go into the VIP area and it's empty so we buy sum ciderz and check out what looks like Bo Ningen play. I actually thought it was a sound check. Oh yeah it was '5 Seconds Exposure' their side project. The tent was pretty empty and I literally couldn't have been more bored by the repetition of non-catchy guitar. Please, take your long 'i'm so mysterious' hair and leave. Thanx.
After that total let down, we rock into the DJ tent, and I swear to God, nobody is dancing. Literally, all of the people are just facing the DJ, looking up in a trance. My friends and I started skankin', moon walking, catwalking and doing 50s lame dance moves. It was really fun, although I saw this camera in my face, so I obv start doing some trout pout and he doesn't take the picture and then I start dancing and he snaps me when my teeth are out and I look gross. FML.
< Some Advert eye candy (lolz)

We saw Advert play. Yeah, they were decent, the taller guy was quite nice to look at, but there music lacked any kind of 'yeah i LOVE this song'. Ya know? Again, my friends and I being jokerz, got up and started screaming the lyrics, which seemed to be the only ones in the song something like "it's alright you tried", with people laughing at us. Some German dude was like "wow who's this band, you seem to know them", and which we replied "we have no clue". KOOL!



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