1234 Shoreditch Festival- Part 2

< Lucy and I posing in the VIP toiletz hehe

Everyone in the VIP area seemed to know each other. I got really pissed off, it was like a blur of Paloma Faith/Pixie Geldof look alikes, I'm not joking, I was almost tempted to stop wearing Doc Martens just because these shits literally were so annoying and thought they were so superior. The cream of the crop, because I'm really hot, and all the guys literally are crawling on me, the security for The VIP area was flirting on me. Total HOTTIE, down to his bright blue, like shutter shades. At least he got some of my friends into the area. hehehehehe.
< Sonia and some funny gal we met

OMG, we saw Peaches Geldof, with her boyfriend from S.C.U.M who looked like he had so much V05 hair gel in his hair it was making me feel physically sick. < PEACHES, YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE

< The Raveonettes (THEY WERE AMAZING)

The band I had come to see, the band which kick ASS, The Black Lips, finally got on stage. I think Cole must think I'm a pervert since I only took pictures of him. Daymn. They played some new songs from Arabia Mountain, like Family Tree and Modern Art, with the crowd going wild! In the middle of their set, some hipsters from the Access All Area came on to the stage throwing toilet paper everywhere, which actually looked really beautiful, because it flew across the sky, and actually made things really atmospheric. Cole would randomly start to spit and try to kick beer back into the audience. Obvs, best band of the day. They didn't fail to deliver and fuckin' rocked 1234. Thanks guyz!


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