31 July 2011

Gross Magic @ The Old Blue Last- Vice Photo Issue Launch

So yeah I went to the Old Blue Last, and never heard Gross Magic before, but they were supporting UMO at The Lexington so I thought they must be decent. The lead singer kinda looked like Cole from the Black Lips, working that whole kinda "i'm scruffy, I probably take drugs, I don't shower look". teeheehehe. Anyways, the music was amazing. I thought it sounded a lot like Smith Westerns, and T-REX-y. Sam's voice is really high pitched, and whiny, but it all really really workz and is easy to listen to. 'Sweetest Touch' has been on repeat at the moment. I'd describe it in 3 words as : hazy, whiny and catchy. Oh yeah, Waiting For You is super, really simple, but I guarantee you'll be hummin it out n' about. If I took drugs I'd listen to this music while taking them coz it's all a bit twippeee!!! lulz heheeh
After, we un professionally prompted them for an interview. They were pretty shy but really nice guyz, and it was so sweet because their parents came to see the show. The filming quality was shit, but I'll post it up soon. It's so refreshing to see a new band that aren't pricks and pretentious, honestly from speaking to them they seem really lovely and inspiring! I think we freaked them out too much, as they tweeted "I hate people" and "I wanna go home" like an hour after we stalked them asking 4 pix and interviews. LOLZZ...
< cammy shy :"( we still luv u

Unfortunately, the interview cut off after like, 2 minutes, but I'm bringing my PROPER vid cam to their launch in a week, so holler over here for touch wood, a more detailed interview.


27 July 2011


It's like 2 in the morning so yesterday is technically yesterday If that makes sense. Anyways, I went bowling with Olivia and Lucy.

Since I've always been really competitive and good at bowling, it came as a not so nice surprise when I aimed for the middle of the lane and all of a sudden my ball tilted all the way to the left. I lost both games. Not gonna lie I was quite baffled/close to tears. Some nine year old Indian kid who appaz Olivia 'knew', god knowz how, started watching us with all his m8z, jesus christ it felt like we were on baywatch or something (jkz). He then sat down on the bench next to us and I asked why his friends weren't with him. "They don't give a FUK about me", he blurted with his little chubby cheeks. Ok.. AWKZ. I also asked for his name, and I swear he said Eastern, but I probs heard wrong. BTDUBZ, the bowling alley radio kept playing indie shit like Beady Eye, Metronomy and effing Foals. WTF. I almost missed hearing Cascada there.

< Me declarin peace hehe

We went home and I watched Grease with Tazz aka Muhammed and felt sad at the last song. It felt Like I had been at high school with Rizzo and Sandy and was saying goodbye. *wipez a tear frum mi I.*


Anna Sampson

Here's me.. and my hair when it was blue-y. lolz

I remember this day I put on too much eye shadow and I went 4 ice cream and felt fat and greasy, as in my hair. Like my fringe stuck to my powdered face. Yuk yuk yuk :'( U can kinda see blue in dis pik i guess!

24 July 2011

Pampered Pooch

This week I've only seen Olivia. And Poppy, for like one day. Otherwise, just Olivia. My other friends, are on holiday, well the ones I mostly see anyways.

Olivia and I have been going out, leaving the nest, i.e trying to stay clear of Ealing Broadway since we seem to find ourselves in that gloomy shit hole for one reason or another, wasting our money on MacDonalds or a stale Starbz cookie. Last week I was in this whole "CARPE DIEM" frame of mind, but this week it's a little more relaxing. It's been nice.

Lucy's dog, Charlie, is being babysat by her granny at the moment so Olivia and I have been seeing him 24/7. He hates us. We've been practically force feeding him food as chubby dogz are cuter, and we even dropped him in the backseat of a convertable on our road, on the car boot, and on my skateboard. He lives the high life. The spoilt shit now refuses to eat his dried food since he's been used since Lucy's gone to eating burgers and toast.

We've developed a sad habit, where we bitch about Charlie all the time. When anyone says he's cute, we say "ewwww. you don't know him like we do." And we go off on some rant, telling this poor passer byer about his wind problems and how he savages us when we try and lift his plump body. Charlie is a gay dog, and every time he's sees our pal Hewey, he gets hard and is besotted by him. Olivia and I are totally envious, but Hewey tries to play hard to get. To top it off, we even made the dog twitter.
Since the money doesn't come into our bank accountz often, Olivia and I thought it'd be a good idea to start a dog walking service around the area. So we made flyers. We walked to the local Italian. "Can we put this flyer in your window?" we asked the owner, who obv thinks he's some playa outta The Sopranos. "uhhh....wait a minute", he replies, and runs into the kitchen. He reappears, "What did you want?". Olivia all of a sudden shouts "DO YOU HAVE A DOG??" he says yes and we throw our ugly, microsoft word flyer at him and run out.
Nobody has rung us in response to the flyer. I wonder why...



I had such a good time at Latz this year. Like WOW. Being a boy magnet (lolz jkz) I also am a magnet to bands. HEHE. We met Dog Is Dead, they were cool, and they asked what I did in London and I answered "not a lot", sounding really interesting, but hey, it's a slightly awkz question. Lexi Chung was spotted by me, and she looked really boring, but she was angelic. Literally, go home. She was nicer then I expected and her chumz weren't to indie which was a nice change. Oh yeah, we also got the dude from The Duke and Kings number, aka he was hitting on my friend but her phone broke so it's in mine..p3@k. We got a pik with the dude from Spector, his dry humor was... distasteful in my opinion, on stage I mean. His lips were too red. Almost forgot, we met the Misfits cast. They were alwite.

So anyways, lemme break it down.. Chapel Club were incredible, I only knew three of their songs, but we got front row, and wrote Chapel Club on our chest bcoz we R groupies, fail for me as I wasn't wearing anything low cut. Yeah, I kept shouting "PLAY ALL THE EASTERN GALS" and when they finally did I went cray-z, i.e Lucy and I 'moshing' together just, pushing eachother back and forth. lulz.

Bombay Bicycle was emotional. I listened to them 24/7 around last year but I lost their CD for some reason. I got such a shit place in the gig as it was packed, and I was actually crying, singing along to "cancel on me" which got me thru some tuff timez 2k10. As my tears were rolling down my sweaty face, I could hear "YEAH MATE, YEAH DIS 'ERE TATTOO I GOT 3 YEARS AGO", right behind me, in some loud, "i'm a fking geezah" voice. This, stupid, tedious conversation went on throughout the WHOLE of the fucking gig. Yeah. The same happened with Foals, it was emotional but we had shit places, well that's a lie kind of, because we got to the middle but then these guys were all "he's gonna DIE in this moshpit". So with the cigars and weed being blown into my face, we moved to the back.

The Cribs were J ESHTFDJKGHFKJHGJ. We got good/ish places, and there was some off da railz mosh pit which standardly Lucy got involved in, and me for a tiny bit. There was some groovy Chinese kid, just skankin' in the middle of the pit, it was quite a luvely site. He was hot. Or maybe it was just his 'swag'. Whatever, it was so good when they played 'Hey Scenester", but also really really embarrassing, as on all the teen mosherz faces was a blatant "oh yeahhh fuck yeahhhh, I'm 'ard". Ya know? They played "Be Safe", one of my fave songz.
< Da Houses (lolzoolzolzolzoolz) im zo funni
< Lucy clappin' on dem mosherzzz

Yeah, I don't want to write too much, but Kele was just..................magnetic, elektric, beyond any expectations.



21 July 2011

post Latitude Blues

Hey y'all, got back from Latitude Festival couple days ago and was crying as soon as I entered the door. 4 real. It was AMAZING! I discovered some good bands that I didn't know before, like Dog Is Dead and The Heartbreaks, oh and Friends Electric. Clock Opz weren't that bad either (clock opera). lol

Anyways, I met some exciting celebz hehe, and took some pix in the gigs, so watch this space because that'll be coming your way soon! Hope you're enjoying this glorious weather, I know I am, because it means I can still wear black tights! GET KRUNK! Wahooo

19 July 2011

What else can you do?

Hey, so this blog is addressing the point, that in the way you look, there really is nothing more you can do that somebody else somewhere out there has not done already (pretty much). To all those reading and thinking "whut about wearing a whale out in public as a dwess hehehehe". Yeah, I don't mean CRAZY things like that.

About a year ago I thought it would be fun to put pink in my hair, kinda dip-dye ish or whatevs, and at that point it wasn't being done so much. I let it sit, as I wanted my hair to grow. This summer, now that my hair is finally grown longer, EVERYONE, literally EVERYONE (girls) is doing it. Either brown hair with ginger/blonde ends, blonde with pink, blonde with blue. Not saying I invented this 'trend' or whatever but it's like now I feel so un original these days. I took a trip to Bleach London (standard), and they dip dyed my ends pink, total rip off btdubz, it faded in a couple days. Anyways, it was so cringe 2k11 walking into MacDonalds seeing a girl with blue on the ends too...ya know? I got so annoyed I f-d the system and put blue not on my ends, but up my near my roots, and no, not to be socially accepted in the wurld of 'indie', just because I'm bored of my appearance and find my life dull.

Maybz I shave my eyebrows off and bleach my eyelashes, because at least I won't look like a copi kat!. hehehe just kidding! <3


11 July 2011

1234 Shoreditch Festival- Part 2

< Lucy and I posing in the VIP toiletz hehe

Everyone in the VIP area seemed to know each other. I got really pissed off, it was like a blur of Paloma Faith/Pixie Geldof look alikes, I'm not joking, I was almost tempted to stop wearing Doc Martens just because these shits literally were so annoying and thought they were so superior. The cream of the crop, because I'm really hot, and all the guys literally are crawling on me, the security for The VIP area was flirting on me. Total HOTTIE, down to his bright blue, like shutter shades. At least he got some of my friends into the area. hehehehehe.
< Sonia and some funny gal we met

OMG, we saw Peaches Geldof, with her boyfriend from S.C.U.M who looked like he had so much V05 hair gel in his hair it was making me feel physically sick. < PEACHES, YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE

< The Raveonettes (THEY WERE AMAZING)

The band I had come to see, the band which kick ASS, The Black Lips, finally got on stage. I think Cole must think I'm a pervert since I only took pictures of him. Daymn. They played some new songs from Arabia Mountain, like Family Tree and Modern Art, with the crowd going wild! In the middle of their set, some hipsters from the Access All Area came on to the stage throwing toilet paper everywhere, which actually looked really beautiful, because it flew across the sky, and actually made things really atmospheric. Cole would randomly start to spit and try to kick beer back into the audience. Obvs, best band of the day. They didn't fail to deliver and fuckin' rocked 1234. Thanks guyz!

1234 Festival- part 1

So, we rolled up to 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park, which seemed like it took an hour to walk to from Liverpool St. Station. Anyways, so we get there at around 12, and it seems smaller then I expected. I knew I had a press pass but was elated when I got a photo pass. I've never felt so cool in my life. I was like 'fuck you indies, fuck you h8rs, I'm in da VIP area this time so sit down'. lolz.
Whatever, we go into the VIP area and it's empty so we buy sum ciderz and check out what looks like Bo Ningen play. I actually thought it was a sound check. Oh yeah it was '5 Seconds Exposure' their side project. The tent was pretty empty and I literally couldn't have been more bored by the repetition of non-catchy guitar. Please, take your long 'i'm so mysterious' hair and leave. Thanx.
After that total let down, we rock into the DJ tent, and I swear to God, nobody is dancing. Literally, all of the people are just facing the DJ, looking up in a trance. My friends and I started skankin', moon walking, catwalking and doing 50s lame dance moves. It was really fun, although I saw this camera in my face, so I obv start doing some trout pout and he doesn't take the picture and then I start dancing and he snaps me when my teeth are out and I look gross. FML.
< Some Advert eye candy (lolz)

We saw Advert play. Yeah, they were decent, the taller guy was quite nice to look at, but there music lacked any kind of 'yeah i LOVE this song'. Ya know? Again, my friends and I being jokerz, got up and started screaming the lyrics, which seemed to be the only ones in the song something like "it's alright you tried", with people laughing at us. Some German dude was like "wow who's this band, you seem to know them", and which we replied "we have no clue". KOOL!


10 July 2011


So, we snuck into the AAA area (badass) after their gig at 1234 Festival, and felt like outcasts lolz jkz we fit in with all the indies....They all seemed to know each other, like one big twisted family. Anyway, we followed Ian from the band and managed to quickly interview him. He was lovely and really hot. (I still have the wine bottle in my room, like hanging with some shrine) hehehe

7 July 2011

UMO @ The Lexington July 5th

Was super excited about seeing Unknown Mortal Orchestra, as I've been listening to them on repeat. (WWW.UNKNOWNMORTALORCHESTRA.COM) They're a trio from Oregon, and this was actually their first gig out of America. Good choice coming to London, as the gig was sold out, and the hipsters were pouring into the pub. At first, the chick at the ticket booth said it was TOTALLY sold out, but we managed to get our way in (badass). Well, UMO were fucking incredible, 'FFunny Frends' was my favorite, it electrified the room and everyone seemed to love it. The set in general was mind blowing. Well done guyz. (p.s my pictures are terrible, because I wasn't up close). I included a nice snap to illustrate how hot it was in there and how we looked after...