A guide to gettin' da LDN look

For all you foreign hipsters who feel as if your life is blank, your image is melting, that life is just not worth living.. Have no fear! I have comprised a beginners guide to how to get da LDN look and keep it fresh.

1.) Take a picture of you doing a peace sign next to a station (preferably an indie one)

2.) Take a snap of PROOF you have been to a second hand shop

3.) Prove that you smoke, fuck, possibly smoke da ganj

4.) Force someone into skinny jeans who would never wear them, to boost your image

5.) Go to an indie gig

6.) Sign your name in a cool toilet

7.) 'Hang' with the band after da gig! (aka force them for a picture) the blurred guy in this one is front singer of smith westerns with Nina. He was moody.


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