30 June 2011

new found love- MAGIC KIDS

Meet Magic Kids from Dean on Vimeo.

28 June 2011

Nancy Spero

I went to see Nancy Spero's exhibition ages ago at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, some really cute, free, gallery, really small and modern, with a bangin' gift shop!

Anyways, here are some of her pieces that I really like, they're not like, my favourite, but I still really like them. I like the fact that most of her work is done on printing paper. Super!

27 June 2011


pure sex on a stage

SW rocking out playing "dreams" from their first album at the vans party! I love them, despite one of them blocking me on twitter- he felt intimidated by my charm and good looks hehehehe jkz jkz jkz

Luving da back drop, that kinda trippy paint drop look! Ya feel me ?

23 June 2011

Finally found shortz dat fit me!! FANX NEW LOOK



1234, is undoubtedly, the coolest festival in 2k11.

It takes place on the 9th of July, in Shoreditch Park, and has the AMAZING line-up of bands such as The Black Lips, The Raveonettes and Lydia Lunch.

Noisey.com is hosting the event, the kick ass music website promoting artists from Giggs, to Yuck!


hot fish

My best friend had a party for her bday, with the theme 'FANTASY'. I went as a fish.. daymn i'm hot

18 June 2011

Street Styl

Lucy and I hit up South Kensington to check out some of London's fashionistas... we couldn't find many.

1.) Brazilian beach boy, with a hint of rock
Paolo, From London

2.) The mysterious, "i'm a member of The XX" look
He was 2 mystifying 2 get a name

3.) The effortless, 2 alt 2 care vibe
Alice, And Forest, 19.
Forest got her shorts from a festival 5 years ago.. need I say more?

14 June 2011

take it easy baby

Smith Westerns cover Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Ok, most people think this is shit, but I think it's great. I almost prefer it to the original. God I love Sdubz!

Cullen is such a tease har har har har

noisey meets the growlers

Swollen all da time

So, I wake up, and I can barely see. My eyes look chinese but, like, swollen. YUM

BUT FUCK THE LAW, i'm gonna put on dis song and rock out>>

I'm pissed because I can't to da Vice Puma Party tonight :'(...
but to fulfill my indie lifestyle, i'm going BOWLING this weekend, twice. Don't h8

6 June 2011

A guide to gettin' da LDN look

For all you foreign hipsters who feel as if your life is blank, your image is melting, that life is just not worth living.. Have no fear! I have comprised a beginners guide to how to get da LDN look and keep it fresh.

1.) Take a picture of you doing a peace sign next to a station (preferably an indie one)

2.) Take a snap of PROOF you have been to a second hand shop

3.) Prove that you smoke, fuck, possibly smoke da ganj

4.) Force someone into skinny jeans who would never wear them, to boost your image

5.) Go to an indie gig

6.) Sign your name in a cool toilet

7.) 'Hang' with the band after da gig! (aka force them for a picture) the blurred guy in this one is front singer of smith westerns with Nina. He was moody.

like this

028 Stranger Waves from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

5 June 2011

Celebrity Facebook Stalk

Hi guys, as you hopefully know by now (those who read this) that I love in my spare time, to facebook stalk.

Recently, I have broadened this stalking from friends of friends of friends to members of indie bands, including members of The Drums, Mystery Jets, and others.

If you'd like to get their facebooks, comment and i'll link you to their walls.



pixxx from this weekend

4 June 2011

The Midnight Beast

Firstly, it is an insult to 'Wild Beasts', because I was under false pretense at Latitude last year that we were gonna see them, but instead I was filled with a lame 'Tik Tok' cover and felt like sobbing. (All because Midnight Beast and Wild (Beast)s sound somewhat similar if ya didn't clock.

The hottest one looks like a less hot, bratty teen version of Mika, one looks like a wannabe A and F model and the other is the one most people probably forget TBH. Their shit are general parodies, including 'Tik Tok'. That was so unfunny I kinda lolled out of pity. The joke that they're taking the piss out of singers yet the audience they attract are normally 13 year old girls who find the lyrics

'Now my phones on silent, they still call on private number
I can't believe this desperation to disturb my slumber party
I'm in my dressing gowny while Ashley's making brownies'

really really 'LOL <3 <3 dese QTz make me LMFAO!!!!! :) :)

I feel slightly sorry for them, but ah well! Keep up the brilliant work!


2 June 2011


At the Old Blue Last, for the Noisey.com launch, Giggs performed, and was INCREDible!

So, here's him swagging it out with some Capri Sun, haggling in Portobello, and performing at the OBL. Some very unflattering shots of me and ma friend are featured...yum.