Reality Showz

Ok, so I love watching 'The Hills' and the recent, 'Made In Chelsea', but despite the amazing pay, I can't get my head around why people openly sign up to put their 'real' life on display.

I mean, if there were cameras thrown in on my day to day events, it would be me, talking to myself, facebook stalking , and taking h0t pix of me on photobooth cropping in indie bands to make me feel cooler, edgier and all round more luved. The 'drama' would be getting into a row with the news-agent guy over using my card to pay for a tub of Ben And Jerry's.
I fall into this trap of being lured into 'LC's' (Lauren Conrad for all you who ain't up to date) good advice on boyz and friendship, but then I am like 'why is this seemingly smart girl on some t.v show where all her personal shit is revealed?' And most of the stuff is scripted, so effectively she's living a lie (Deep stuff right here).
For me, on some reality thing, I wouldn't be able to feel comfortable with my fringe in a bun, rocking around in gal boxers and a 'Mr.Player' t-shirt.. And that's what I usually wear about the house...

<< Me just chillin' wiv 2 door Cinema (ma boiz) drinking sum beerz an havin a laf!! har har



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