A day in the lyfe

Every month or so I like to blog about my day or whatever, so heres a blog entry about yesterday.

So, I woke up, at 2, standard slobz daily routine, and mosy on down to the computer. Check the twitter, write to some celebrity, they never reply, life's a bitch, and then I listen to Dominant Legs- My Girls, about 7 times.

I meet my friend and we are feeling spontaneous, so we head to Trocodero, since i've never been. I have a major wedgie so am already feeling stressy on top of the pounding sun on my skin. Gross. We get there and I'm overwhelmed with how cool the place is; a massive bumper cars thing, Ben and Jerrys, Cinnabon, Arcade games. I'm literally in heaven. The hot Japanese tourists are also a huge bonus (lolz). We then walk up and down this underground dance bit, where loads of people with serious dance skillz are bustin' some movez, and we must look like such creeps because we're just standing there in awe, probably drooling or something weird like that. I all of a sudden see a bowling alley and suddenly proclaimed that 'THIS IZ MA FAVE PLACE EVA' (or something like that).

Sweat trickling down my curtain fringe, I walk out and to crowded Covent Garden, because as I tell Lucy 'We need to see hot people in Rokit, litch'. She rolls her eyes and agrees. As we see the throngs of people 'For the love of F' is repeated about 20 twenty times (are new most used saying). We finally get to the store, and along the way mutter 'P-P-P-P' a way to adress a 'hipster' in our presence. Bcoz we're kl 2k11 styl. No money in our pockets, we scour over the racks of clothes anyways, in the hope we'll see somebody decent looking-- don't ask why. We're desperate just to see someone beautiful. Shortly, we get pissed off and overly hot, so start hyperventilating, surrounded by the standard 'i'm so indie' gals wearing denim jackets, backcombed blonde hair, red lipstick and fake Doc Martens. So, we clink up the stairs, out of the bloody sauna, and back to the 'fresh' air.

Lucy and I pile onto the train, feeling deflated and craving some ice cream. Because we're such rebels we crank some Swedish House and sing really badly, loudly (ldn kidz) when some indian woman was like giggling, nodding, as if to say 'yah girls yah, do your thang'. Right... So we stop off and get two massive scoops of gelat0 and talk about how traveling and our interests.



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