The Vaccines @ Electric Ballroom

So, I went to see The Vaccines at Electric Ballroom (the titles is pretty self explanitory) lolz, anyways, we got in, and it was pretty empty. I was in the second row with some friends, and was so hyped, cause I was like 'yes i'll be face 2 face with Justin and Fredz'. So, some band called, Spector or something came on. The one looked a little bit like harry potter, with circular reading specs(tor). har har. They all looked pretty young, like 17 i'd say. I liked their sound, is was infectious, catchy, with a pop feel. Plus they were all nice looking, which helps, trufe be told. The crowd by now was still minimal, with loads of hipsters cotching at the bar. Their set seemed to go on for 5 hours though, and my feet were killing me, so I was just waiting for The Vaccines to pop on next..

THEN, The Caezers arrived on stage. I was ready to shoot someone because I was anticipating the arrival of The Vacz, not a bunch of Grease wannabes. They were in my opinion, pretty shit, because I swear to God, the same guitar was playing throughout each of their, like 50 songs. I was gonna throw my heel on stage. Gotta give it to them, that their stage presence was good, due to their confidence (the guitarist had swag) and energy.

These lanky looking dudes rocked on stage, and I immediately said da-ymn. Lolz. Smith Westerns, are the band name. I'd actually never listened to any of their stuff before then, but they were FUCKING AMAZING. Like incredible. They reminded me slightly of Black Kids, with songs almost putting me under a spell (lol) but true. By now the crowd was full, and very squished. WEEKEND by them in out ov dis wurld y'all The video is sick.

THE VACCINES FINALLY came on. I was really up myself, all 'luk at me beeyotches i'm in the second row not you', however when Wreckin' Bar, the opening song blasted, there was a massive mosh pit, with what seemed like 50 year old body builders crushing me and beer thrown down my curtain fringe, making me look like I hadn't showered in weeks...grim. So, I got pushed back to the back of the audience. But, literally, was the best gig i've been to. Sucha powerful, energetic show, where the whole crowd was bursting with enthusiasm and that 'FUCK YEAH' kinda vibe. SOOOO good. Like WOW. Just WOW.

After, I asked to for a sn@p with SmithWesterns and the lead singer was like 'I...don't' At which I replied 'okkk...' and then he said to the guitarist, 'you do pictures' at which he replied 'I ...don't, i'm muslim'. JOE-KAH M8!! FOR FUCKSAKES. You ain't that famous yet. Finally we got one, but he covered his face. I still luv dem doe. <3

anna x


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