Realisation hurtz

I've found recently, whenever I admire a band, mostly an indie band, once I've stalked them a little, my mood dropz. Why is this I hear you ask? (lol)

It is because, most of these bands, seem to be, desperate for slutty girls to fulfill their needs, since, in high school, they weren't popular, as they were surrounded by jocks. Now that they've made it big, they have girls with block fringes and lace tights crawling after them. And they <3 it.

In addition to this, they mostly are druggies. Whatever, it's their life, but seriously? Can you not write an album without the constant use of getting f-d on LSD or glue sticks? They may not think it's a big deal, but some kids look up to these people, so it's wise not to glamorise your drug habits and make it look 'supadupa kl'.


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