I'm half american, and when I go to visit my family, or whatever, I am so nicely surprised by the hospitality and sincerity of people there. Even if you go into a small cafe, which is obviously not doing well for business, the staff are normally so friendly and warm, making you feel almost part of the family.

When I walk down the road, people often say morning, or evening, or even a Hello. In London, people find it intrusive and weird when strangers even make random small talk on the trains. Fair enough if it's some crazy alcoholic, but otherwise, c'MON. This makes it a lot harder to meet people in London.

After a long day, and you push and shove your way onto the crowded sweaty tube, your mood immediately worsens after the standard frowning people, dead silent, glaring at you if you and your friend are laughing loudly. I mean, I'm not asking for people to do a Glee rendition on the tubes or whatevz, but, it just gets me down, and makes me want even more to go back to the USA.



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