30 April 2011

The Unthanks

Ok, so I heard The Unthanks on Jools Holland the other night. I was let down by Lykke Li's perfomance, and I had only heard the remixed 'Get Some'. Hated the bloody original, I was asleep by the end of it. I had never heard of The Unthanks before, and kind of expected wishy washy folk music. I was really surprised. This song is really atmospheric, with beautiful harmonies and many instruments, creating an eerie, different sound, which I don't think I've ever heard before. I was truly left speechless.

27 April 2011


Getting so nostalgic of summer last year.. --Here are some of the pictures I took at Yosemite. It's really cool place, where you see beautiful nature and break a fierce sweat! lolz

25 April 2011

facebook 'frape'

You know facebook 'fraping'? Where other people write weird comments as your status or whatevs?

I hate those really shitty ones. For example 'I LOVE ANNIE WITH ALL MY HEART XOXOOXOXX'. This Annie chick is obvs wanting the whole world to know the person she's fraping knows her.

Another bad one, is "I WANT COCK". Wowzer, original.....Or 'UP 4 SERIOUS VAGGii, any TAKERZ" Please, get a lyfe!

I actually have started enjoying ASKING people to 'frape' me. It totes gets your adrenaline pumping, and most of the time I get the answer on fbc 'Who are you?'. Excuse me guys, y'all just jeal.

24 April 2011

metronomy luvin'

Two weeks ago or something, my friend and I went to see Metronomy at Rough Trade. Sadly, we were too late, so missed them, but we got to get their album 'The English Riviera' signed, and we asked the lead singah to come into da booth with us. They were all super nice!

My favourite song from the album at the moment is 'Loving Arm'. SO GOOD.

21 April 2011

i should so get lookbook

Vice parTz

This is gonna be off da chain! With headliners such as : Teeth and Hyetal! And get this, it's FREE ENTRY.

If, like me, you are living in London, the party will be held at the supah trendy Old Blue Last .

Being unphotogenic

It's harsh when you can't have someone take a semi decent photo of you. The other day I went to Primrose Hill and all my friends looked so good in the pictures.. and I looked like an obese chipmunk. My most used phrase is 'Do I ACTUALLY look like this?' At which everyone kind of looks to the side *tumbl3weed rollz across da floor*.

Then I was like, ok, maybe celebrities I think are hot slip up once in a while. I typed furiously into google 'Lily Allen FAT', 'Lily Allen UGLY'. She looked good in every bloody picture. Same with Alexa Chung.

Ah wellz.

19 April 2011

Hidden New York

check Vice's new short video out HERE.

Some journalist called Kim Taylor-Bennett, goes to New York, chatting to people who have something to do with New York Fashion Week. It's a guide to the city, meeting 'real New Yorkers' aka djs, bloggers, people working at parties.

They all love hanging in super indie clubs, which some of their 'm8s' host. These two people interviewed LOL over 'The Party Bus', some bus taking you round with stripper poles and shit. One of the people interviewed is Karley Sciortino, the mastermind behind Slutever (www.slutever.org).

Song of de day

18 April 2011


I found Unknown Mortal Orchestra randomly the other day. THEY ARE SUPER! 'Why don't you luv me' is really catchy and hard not to like; perfect for swagging down the road to. On the other hand 'Ffunny frends' is really haunting and creepy, the vocals are incredibly muffled and high pitched. So beautiful!! I love the fact that these two songs are for two different moods, and sound very different.

catch them on twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/_U_M_O_

my new hipster inspired look!


I think everyone thinks I am a lesbian? Not only coz I don't getta lot of guy aktion, but women seem to look at me all the time on the street.

Yesterday I went to the hair dresser and she was like, flirting with me. I don't get it? DO I LOOK LYK A MAN? I might just turn lesbian now. At least i'll be a playa.

I might get a tattoo saying 'diesel dyke' (my fave saying) on my arm. I think that'll pep up my image.

one one one one one

I like her style. She's pretty too. Yet she sounds like a deflated balloon in all her interviewz. Bo ring.

17 April 2011

Realisation hurtz

I've found recently, whenever I admire a band, mostly an indie band, once I've stalked them a little, my mood dropz. Why is this I hear you ask? (lol)

It is because, most of these bands, seem to be, desperate for slutty girls to fulfill their needs, since, in high school, they weren't popular, as they were surrounded by jocks. Now that they've made it big, they have girls with block fringes and lace tights crawling after them. And they <3 it.

In addition to this, they mostly are druggies. Whatever, it's their life, but seriously? Can you not write an album without the constant use of getting f-d on LSD or glue sticks? They may not think it's a big deal, but some kids look up to these people, so it's wise not to glamorise your drug habits and make it look 'supadupa kl'.

16 April 2011


I'm half american, and when I go to visit my family, or whatever, I am so nicely surprised by the hospitality and sincerity of people there. Even if you go into a small cafe, which is obviously not doing well for business, the staff are normally so friendly and warm, making you feel almost part of the family.

When I walk down the road, people often say morning, or evening, or even a Hello. In London, people find it intrusive and weird when strangers even make random small talk on the trains. Fair enough if it's some crazy alcoholic, but otherwise, c'MON. This makes it a lot harder to meet people in London.

After a long day, and you push and shove your way onto the crowded sweaty tube, your mood immediately worsens after the standard frowning people, dead silent, glaring at you if you and your friend are laughing loudly. I mean, I'm not asking for people to do a Glee rendition on the tubes or whatevz, but, it just gets me down, and makes me want even more to go back to the USA.


14 April 2011


As most of my friends know, I'm obsessed with The Vaccines. So, obvs, I've seen every interview of them on the internet. This by far is my favourite. It features rowdy, drunk fan singing lyrics, and one of the 'lads' is particularly hilarious. Justin chats about the band, rockin' a blue knitted cardigan..

Heard this a while back, finally found it!

Sounds kind of, Sophie Ellis Bextor mixed with Warpaint? If that makes sense?

13 April 2011



If only :'(

take some time


All of us have a thousand wishes. To be thinner, to be bigger, have more money, have a cool car, a day off, a new phone, to date the person of your dreams. A cancer patient only has one wish, to kick cancers ass. I know that 97% of you won't post this as your status, but my friends will be the 3% that do. In honour of someone who died, or is fighting cancer, or even had cancer, post this for at least one hour.

It's easy to take for granted what you have!

11 April 2011

overhearing hipsters

Whilst I was in CARGO to watch da Smith Westerns, I fixed up (l00k sh@rp) in the toilets and overheard a bunch of 'cool' Alexa Chung lookalikes talking.....

Girl 1: So, yeah, I was here, like, a while back, ya know, I only had about 5 beers, when this guy, I think he was from Foals, was all ya know chatting with me.
Girl 2: Fuck
Girl 1: Yeah, next thing I knew we were fucking in his kitchen while these guys were making beans on toasts.
Girl 2: Yeah, I think that's happened to all of us.


10 April 2011

9 April 2011

The Vaccines @ Electric Ballroom

So, I went to see The Vaccines at Electric Ballroom (the titles is pretty self explanitory) lolz, anyways, we got in, and it was pretty empty. I was in the second row with some friends, and was so hyped, cause I was like 'yes i'll be face 2 face with Justin and Fredz'. So, some band called, Spector or something came on. The one looked a little bit like harry potter, with circular reading specs(tor). har har. They all looked pretty young, like 17 i'd say. I liked their sound, is was infectious, catchy, with a pop feel. Plus they were all nice looking, which helps, trufe be told. The crowd by now was still minimal, with loads of hipsters cotching at the bar. Their set seemed to go on for 5 hours though, and my feet were killing me, so I was just waiting for The Vaccines to pop on next..

THEN, The Caezers arrived on stage. I was ready to shoot someone because I was anticipating the arrival of The Vacz, not a bunch of Grease wannabes. They were in my opinion, pretty shit, because I swear to God, the same guitar was playing throughout each of their, like 50 songs. I was gonna throw my heel on stage. Gotta give it to them, that their stage presence was good, due to their confidence (the guitarist had swag) and energy.

These lanky looking dudes rocked on stage, and I immediately said da-ymn. Lolz. Smith Westerns, are the band name. I'd actually never listened to any of their stuff before then, but they were FUCKING AMAZING. Like incredible. They reminded me slightly of Black Kids, with songs almost putting me under a spell (lol) but true. By now the crowd was full, and very squished. WEEKEND by them in out ov dis wurld y'all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKRRDmug9c4. The video is sick.

THE VACCINES FINALLY came on. I was really up myself, all 'luk at me beeyotches i'm in the second row not you', however when Wreckin' Bar, the opening song blasted, there was a massive mosh pit, with what seemed like 50 year old body builders crushing me and beer thrown down my curtain fringe, making me look like I hadn't showered in weeks...grim. So, I got pushed back to the back of the audience. But, literally, was the best gig i've been to. Sucha powerful, energetic show, where the whole crowd was bursting with enthusiasm and that 'FUCK YEAH' kinda vibe. SOOOO good. Like WOW. Just WOW.

After, I asked to for a sn@p with SmithWesterns and the lead singer was like 'I...don't do......pictures.' At which I replied 'okkk...' and then he said to the guitarist, 'you do pictures' at which he replied 'I ...don't do....pictures, i'm muslim'. JOE-KAH M8!! FOR FUCKSAKES. You ain't that famous yet. Finally we got one, but he covered his face. I still luv dem doe. <3

anna x

6 April 2011


Your foundation drips, then your tights stick to your legs, then you get on the bloody tube and some man stinks with his pit in yo face next to you. PLUS it's rush hour so it's claustrophobic.


da piki above is me loungin by da pool! totes hot right?

3 April 2011

1 April 2011


Frater clothing menswear label are hosting a party you're NOT going to wanna miss.

Fuck loads of booze, hot guys and girls, and amazing music from Japanther, Ninjasonik, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Audiofarm, Gold Teeth, iDIOSYNC and Heavy Rain. It's being held at The Deaf Institute from 9pm-2:30am.

Vice has tickets TO GIVE AWAY and for the lazy, or busy people who can't attend, a whopping £275 worth of their clothes. Their collection is outta dis WORLD-- if you don't believe me check this out http://www.fraterclothing.com/collections (you can even see a bunch of fit models rocking the clothing line, floating). Crazy stuff.

Sounds like your kinda thing? All you need to do is answer this:
Submit it to :

competitions@viceuk.com leaving your name and either “GIVE ME FREE CLOTHING” or “GIVE ME FREE TICKETS” in the subject bar, depending on your the prize that intices you.


Turn me inside out, what can I say?


NOISEY.COM is a kickASS music website, showcasing acts all around the world, including:

(my personal favourite)
...and many, many more.

It's so handy, because not only are you able to listen to top tunes by artists you may not have had the privelege of hearing before, but you ALSO get to watch their interviews and view pictures of them looking really alternative and hip...

You'll honestly regret it if you don't check it out!
Or check them out on twitter: