It (HURTS) to watch you

I hadn't really bothered listening to 'Hurts' before, but while watching the NME awards on t.v, Hurts won something, and performed their song 'Wonderful Life'.

A coffin was placed on the stage, with a picture of some woman on the top of it, already creating a tacky environment. I thought paper bats were going to fall from the ceiling. The lead singer was wearing sunnies indoors (cool), creating a really edgy vibe, totally rebelling against the crowd. Just when I thought this build up couldn't get funnier, a throng of women came onto the stage, wearing cloaks and white masks, and see through black lace dresses. Say no more.

When the song finally started, I immediately thought WHAM. A worse version. 'Dont let go, never give up, it's such a wonderful life' was repeated about 20 times. My lyf was wunderful b4 you lot started playin. har har.

I think they'd suit better being strippers. I can't WAIT to hear them at Latitude.


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