Interview with the famous Aman Ali

By Anna Sampson

Aman Ali is an Indian comedian. He is BLOODY hilarious.

If you could sum up your comedy in 3 words what would it be?
Muslim Rock Star

Who are your inspirations?
Bill Cosby is my favorite comedian. He's a brilliant storyteller and even when he's not being funny, he's still interesting to listen to. Even in his 70s, he's still able to electrify a crowd and keep them captivated.

What made you want to be a comedian?
My background is in reporting, and very often I found myself cracking up my friends about shenanigans I got into growing up as a kid and as I got older. So it was very natural for me to become a comic as it was just a performing extension of my ability to tell stories. The video you linked of me on your blog is my wayyyy old stuff that honestly I'm almost embarassed of lol. These days on stage I'm more of a storyteller rather than a comic that just tells jokes with setups, bits and punchlines. Here's an example:

Your video including you playing a drum and dancing around with two children is hilarious. Was it fun to make?
It was definitely a blast. I dont really make too many YouTube videos because I'm lazy. And when I do make them, I care less about whether or not how many views it has. As long as I'm having a blast making it, thats all that matters. How that video came about was I was hanging out with my friend in NYC, who is a hiphop producer. I was telling him about how as I kid, I used to eat these halal rice krispy treats. Since I'm Muslim and can't eat pork, I couldnt eat rice krispy treats because the marshmallows in them had pork gelatin. But then this company came out to make Muslim friendly krispy treats that I used to eat all the time as a kid. So there we were in the studio and I just started freestyling over this beat he put together about how much I love eating Krispy Treats. The rest is history.

When the hell are you coming to London?
Dude I would love to come to London again so bad! I dont have too many contacts there unfortunately. If you know of anyone that would love to bring me, lemme know! I'd come in a heartbeat. I know there are tentative plans for me to come in October, but its still up in the air.

Finally, tell us your favourite joke!
Sigh, there are tons. I practically write a new joke everyday on my FB page as my status messages,


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