30 March 2011

indie or chav? dunno wot luk 2 rock

Yeah, so i thought it would be fun to change ma luk around. Indie or chav?? God so many decisions.. h3 h3 h3


pictures i've taken

Nina's lovely b00bs
Moffy and Rubz

My lips (inday)

29 March 2011

haven't heard this in a while

Interview with the famous Aman Ali

By Anna Sampson

Aman Ali is an Indian comedian. He is BLOODY hilarious.

If you could sum up your comedy in 3 words what would it be?
Muslim Rock Star

Who are your inspirations?
Bill Cosby is my favorite comedian. He's a brilliant storyteller and even when he's not being funny, he's still interesting to listen to. Even in his 70s, he's still able to electrify a crowd and keep them captivated.

What made you want to be a comedian?
My background is in reporting, and very often I found myself cracking up my friends about shenanigans I got into growing up as a kid and as I got older. So it was very natural for me to become a comic as it was just a performing extension of my ability to tell stories. The video you linked of me on your blog is my wayyyy old stuff that honestly I'm almost embarassed of lol. These days on stage I'm more of a storyteller rather than a comic that just tells jokes with setups, bits and punchlines. Here's an example:


Your video including you playing a drum and dancing around with two children is hilarious. Was it fun to make?
It was definitely a blast. I dont really make too many YouTube videos because I'm lazy. And when I do make them, I care less about whether or not how many views it has. As long as I'm having a blast making it, thats all that matters. How that video came about was I was hanging out with my friend in NYC, who is a hiphop producer. I was telling him about how as I kid, I used to eat these halal rice krispy treats. Since I'm Muslim and can't eat pork, I couldnt eat rice krispy treats because the marshmallows in them had pork gelatin. But then this company came out to make Muslim friendly krispy treats that I used to eat all the time as a kid. So there we were in the studio and I just started freestyling over this beat he put together about how much I love eating Krispy Treats. The rest is history.

When the hell are you coming to London?
Dude I would love to come to London again so bad! I dont have too many contacts there unfortunately. If you know of anyone that would love to bring me, lemme know! I'd come in a heartbeat. I know there are tentative plans for me to come in October, but its still up in the air.

Finally, tell us your favourite joke!
Sigh, there are tons. I practically write a new joke everyday on my FB page as my status messages, http://facebook.com/amanalicomedy

Gun Shot Hands

Ok, so you're at a party or whatever, a good dance song plays, and there's a juicy drop. You automatically stick out your 'gunshot hands' (ya know? like bopping up and down). The majority of us do it, let's be honest here.

Don't know about anyone else, but doing it makes me feel like a lad on tour out of 'sun sea and suspicious parentz'.

Is there no other dance move to do? I might resort to irish dancing on da dance floor.
F the haters


27 March 2011

Interview with Mammal Club

By Anna Sampson

Hey guys, so,
How did Mammal Club form?
It kind of started about a year and a half to two years ago, a friend mentioned that he knew a band looking for a guitarist, I tried out and got the role. We then spent a large amount of time under a bridge in Byker working on our sound and plans before we did anything, including thinking of a name so we were already quite a way along before Mammal Club 'formed'.

If there was any artist you could collaborate with, who would it be?

I'm not sure, there's plenty of producers that we could list but in terms of artists there's no one band that we all have in common as a dream collaborator. Three of us would love to work with any member ABBA, three of us would create something interesting with Four Tet, two of us would love to do something with anyone who used to be in Pantera. Actually we all really like Steve Riech. Yeah, ignore everything else I just said, Steve Riech would be a good one. Everyone should go and listen to Music for 18 Musicians right now.

You're playing at Evolution Festival and Great Escape. Do you feel pressure as you're playing against bands like Two Door Cinema Club and The Vaccines?
No, never, none what so ever. There's got to be a certain amount of confidence/arrogance being in a band, expecting other people to give you attention and your assumption that you know and do what they'll enjoy but cannot think up for themselves. It also never really feels like you're 'against' another band, anybody else playing just adds to the excitement and atmosphere. Then there's the notion that you're in the best band, you have to think that to keep going, if I was stood watching another band and thought "I wish I was in that band" then my time would be better spent trying to join said band.

What current bands are you feeling at the moment?

It's all about Manchester at the moment isn't it? We've known Everything Everything for a while so it was great hearing their album and seeing their success. There's also a group call Christian AIDS from Manchester who are putting out some really interesting and enjoyable stuff. Also looking forward to the new Wild Beasts and Burial stuff.

Are the gals lining up since you've started the band?

The saying goes 'manners maketh the man' but in answer to your question, yes, our female fans are also very polite.

Is there a certain goal you'd like to achieve in your musical career?
No fixed one, I think all artists have a kind of immediate plan then rough ones for the mid to far future, but mainly we're just looking to do the next thing and better ourselves and our position. The current state of the industry it an achievement to dediciate your life to making music full time at the moment, as soon as you've got that all you can think of is recording your first album, then all you can think of is making it successful, then all you can think of is touring it etc.

When you travel as a band, what's your essential item to bring?

Our muical equipment. Otherwise it's pretty shambolic if I'm honest.

Alexa Chung or Lily Allen?
I'm guessing that this on some kind of "would'ya" style tip? How come I get the power to choose? What if I choose one and then she rejects me? Is it straight choice or are there other criteria I'd need to consider? Am I under any pressure to choose the correct one? What are the consequences of my actions? They are both also in quite serious relationships according to the press so there are other people's feelings to consider. This now feels like at the end Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when our hero has to choose the cup of Christ in order to save his otherwise terminally injured father. If I had to choose between two human beings' professionally managed public personas for a non specified reason then I'd say Alexa Chung. I really hate Keith Allen. Can you imagine ging out for a meal with him? If things went well with Lily (and who says they wouldn't?) then having to meet him would be inevitable at some point and I'm not prepared to risk that. I will not meet Keith Allen under any terms.

These guys are AMAZING!
check them out on :
Anna x

Yuck Vs. Cajun Dance Party

I love this song, and I am diggin' the video. Not sure about the random ginger haired chick popping up every 10 minutes with a necklace saying 'yuck'. Come on now.

What I don't get, is how Cajun Dance Party was not as successful. I kinda liked that though, it felt more personal as not as many people new them.

I mean, it's a fucking great song. A totally different sound from Yuck. I was pretty obsessed over Cajun Dance Party, and 'Colourful Life' was so beautiful and light. 'The Hill The View and The Lights' is another classic Cajun song. It's soooo almost whimsical, PERFECT for sitting in summer in like, Primrose Hill. WHEVER REALLY, IT'S FANTASTIK.



Anna's rockin' the indie look

26 March 2011

Tweet diddy tweet

Alright so it is official houndgalz has joined the "twittersphere"

Follow us and we'll follow ya right back,
Neenz n Annz x

"People were saying, 'You're the worst singer, this is the worst song'," she outlined. "They criticised my voice and the lyrics. But I call them negative Nancies. They can try to rain on my parade but as far as I'm concerned they are raining on their own parade."

Fair enough, Rebecca Black.


i totes wanna be you guys

17 March 2011

It (HURTS) to watch you

I hadn't really bothered listening to 'Hurts' before, but while watching the NME awards on t.v, Hurts won something, and performed their song 'Wonderful Life'.

A coffin was placed on the stage, with a picture of some woman on the top of it, already creating a tacky environment. I thought paper bats were going to fall from the ceiling. The lead singer was wearing sunnies indoors (cool), creating a really edgy vibe, totally rebelling against the crowd. Just when I thought this build up couldn't get funnier, a throng of women came onto the stage, wearing cloaks and white masks, and see through black lace dresses. Say no more.

When the song finally started, I immediately thought WHAM. A worse version. 'Dont let go, never give up, it's such a wonderful life' was repeated about 20 times. My lyf was wunderful b4 you lot started playin. har har.

I think they'd suit better being strippers. I can't WAIT to hear them at Latitude.

5 March 2011


The Acts, I'm buzzin' about are:
Crystal Fighters, Chapel Club, Foals, The Vaccines, Kele, Everything Everything.

Why are KT Tunstall and bloody Paloma Faith playing? Eww.. Atleast Midnight Beast aren't gracing us with their beautiful presence again this year.

Latitude is fab because it's a more chilled environment then the other festivals- (I can't deal with huge crowds etc), and there is a nice balance between teens and adults, and you see many familis hanging round the place. It's just generally a lovely lovely festival.