Youth In Revolt

I watched 'Youth In Revolt' today. Top film. As much as I love Michael Cera, I was getting slightly fed up with his classic role as the nerd who is polite to the ladies, yet never gets action. In this film he had another side of his personality, who was a french badboi. Oh and the guy in 'The Hangover' plays his hillbilly father. Bre jkz

The only thing that made me feel a bit sad, was the main protagonist (hahah) 'Sheenie' was so bloody mysterious. She loves french vinyls, lives in a trailer park, writes letters to people, and comes out with the most random, 'remember me 4evs' sayings. Whereas, somebody like me is the complete opposite. It's a bliddy repeat of Zooey Deschanel in most her films. WEIRD GALZ CAN BE MEMORABLE 2. EFF IT. heheheeeh

. (but go see Youth In Revolt iz funni)
Anna x


  1. haha i love that film!
    so true though


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