The XX

So, just saw someones status stating 'OMG the xx are soooooo shit and boring'.
What the hell?

The XX are brilliant. And what's this shit about 'a record that should be locked away appart from in summer'. The XX is a band you can play all year round.
They let the beat do the talking, as their voices are quiet, adding an almost eery feel to the songs. This may come across, as some idiots think, as them trying to look cool, just because their voices are soft- LOL. If you watch some of their interviews, they seem like soft spoken, modest artists, who aren't up themselves, and just genuinely love making good music for godsakes. Or maybe they seem like they want to be hipsters because they use lyrics like 'and i will mirror images back at you'. It's poetic, and interesting, that flow nicely. Song meanings don't have to bloody JUMP out at you. The lyrics aren't that freaking complex tbh 'Heart skipped a beat, but when I caught it you were out of reach'.. Hmmm yah a real mind-bogglah!!! teehee

If you read their lyrics, they can have all sorts of meanings, not one obvious set in stone one, like Kate Nash's -e.g 'i just want ya kiss boy'. Some people think their lyrics are about sex, whereas some do not. In addition, they are incred live. And yes, i'm on a rant about this, and fair enough people are entitled to their own opinions, but I am sticking up fo these guyz. THEY WON THE MERCURY PRIZE. They even play in 90210, which i'm not that pleased about.. but whatevs you get the point. If you're in the mood, for jumping around, loving life, these guys aren't the best people to be listening to. If you want a chillout kinda thing, play them, or yeah...

Anna x


  1. couldn't agree more!
    keep blogging! really good stuff on here.

  2. yes! this is so true,i love this blog

  3. thank you! keep on reading it there is a lot more to come x


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