Hello! Just some songs I am really enjoying at the mo. (not necessarily new btw)

1.) Bright Lit Blue Skies- Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti
--It's a catchy tune that sounds really old skool (lol), and makes me nostalgic for Grease, as in the chorus, you can imagine Danny and his crew all join in. IT'S GREAT

2.) Chapel Club- All The Eastern Girls
--I must admit, took me a while to get into, but the chorus is sublime, and the lead singers voice is very dark, I'm feeling it. He is, also very handsome, which doesn't hurt while watching the video (hehe cheeky). Also his voice is pretty dark, I was expecting them to be a lot more moody, their sound isn't that intense. They seem like cool people, when I read their interview, and I like how they think of some music as art. CHEK IT O-UT.

4.) The Field Mice- If You Need Someone
----As soon as you play this, it has a great beat, and you can imagine skipping down the street to it. The lyrics are so sweet, I wish someone would say dat to m3!! God damn. But seriously, it's really brill and i'd suggest it!


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