Festivals 2011

So, kind of xfghfdj about what i'm doing this year for summer, the fesitvals.
I'm definitely going to Latitude, as it's family friendly, i love the foresty bit, and it's quite a chilled vibe.

I'm only going to Latitude, however if the line-up is gud. I do like knowing what the line-up is first, that's what slightly pisses me off about people booking tickets for reading and making it their status like 'READING BOOKED!!!! WOOP GUNA B LIVE'. Ok.. so you're obvs going for the lash-up or social 'experience' since you have no bloody clue what the line-up is. Is it just me who finds the bands playing a big factor?
Plus sides of Reading is big bands like The Strokes could play, who I love, but the big mobs of people, and people stoned all around me, makes me want to gag.

Ideally, i hope the XX play again at Latitude, and Foals, and well, in an ideal world The Strokes but that ain't gonna happen. AND OBVVS my favourite band of all time, 'O. Children'.

Annz x


    i laughed at this. j x

  2. J? Jack? fankyooooooooooooooo x


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