27 December 2011

Merry Christmas!


Hope everyone had a brill Christmas!
I'm off to Glasgow, so will have loadsa cool pictures and shit to throw up here. So nice to be getting outta London.
Got amazing CDS for Xmas so will tell y'all my verdicts.

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21 December 2011


Today I went out to an art gallery to be cultured and kinda fuck the system a lil' bit.
I took my indian friend, Sonia, with me, who kept coaxing me into 'fuckin da art galleri and orderin sum pizza 'ut.'

With portfolio (indie points) in bag, we roll into the tube and to the Royal Academy, venturing out of the shit hole suburbz and into the 'aint dis posh n ting' area of Central LONDON! KL!!

Fanning myself with a McDonalds application sheet, due to my beads of sweat trickling of my hot body (the train was sc0rchin'), we waddle into the gallery. I go up to the lady at the front desk. "Wot?" she says, obnoxiously chewing on gum. "Um, ok then, what time do you shut?" By this time I was almost bright purple and the sweat could be collected in buckets. Bless me <3. "Six..." "Ok, so it's free, yeah?". She almost spat her gum out. "No, you need to pay, uh."

Shit. I had zero $$$$$$$$$$$$.

Sonia shot daggerz at me.
"Nah, loik sorry, I honestly come here a lot, ya know, I generally don't pay..." I say, face looking like I've come out a paddling pool. "Whateva, Sonia hollerz back, "let's go get sum Percy Piglets or whateva they're called."

We ended up aimlessly walking around LDN. I had to endure Sonia's 'role play' of her being the badman attempting to rob me. So, I'd be walking talking to her and then all of a sudden I turn and she isn't there. I feel someone who stinks of curry breathing down my neck and hear in a dreadful liverpool/arab accent 'Alwite Missus, nobody will get 'urt, just give me your muney.' I then feel a sharp dab in my back. 'I have placed a gun in your back. Plz just hand over the money.' Business men looked at us like we were on crack, and children were cooed away from us by their parents.



How can you NOT like this? I've been driving everyone crazy by singing 'I don't want you to gooooooooooooooo, goooooooooooo' down the road, in da shops, during family get2geths. It's men'all.

And he's cute 2. teehee <3

hit them up on twitter here --- www.twitter.com/oberhofermusic


Could this be the new Supreme? The new Obey? The two brands that have been selling flat caps like h0t cakez due to the fact Tyly and his crew rock them....

NOW OFWGTKA HAVE THEIR OWN FASHION LINE 'Golfwang Holiday 1991'. "TOTES SWAG DUDE". Sadly, it's only being sold in LA, but I'm sure you can order it online! (I know I'll be swahgging some itemz out) LOLZ.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT>>>> http://golfwang.com/page1.html

On the topic of Tyler The Creator and fashion, it PISSES me off how all these private school boys put up pictures of them on FB wearing Obey Hats, Obey Jumpers, with the caption 'donz 2k10' like they're taking the piss. However they're not. They ACTUALLY think they are out of ODD FUTURE. Someone genuinely 'swag' like me, on the other hand, can work that shit.


14 December 2011


Generally @ family events, I get treated like I'm being bullied/social reject.

"Anna, you're a beautiful girl, just sweetie, don't care if people put you down."

*Takez da slice of chocolate cake out ma mouth* "Fanx!!"

Recently my Mom said that my uncle had said, as the final sentence before he departed back to America after his stay here "You know, Anna really isn't overweight."


Some people on the tube kind of nod at me, you know that 'it's ok, we KNOW you're a reject' (because I go red on the tube..I get all flushed randomly). At a party recently I said something stupid and my friend goes "Anna, you have that, condition...um". "What, autism?" Yeah, that's the one, you're so weird." KOOOL GUYZ.

It's sometimes really awks mentioning being bullied. I personally (SHOCKER) have never been, actually cyberly kinda but when people start a convo like 'has anyone here been bullied in their lives" and you laugh and say "nooooo, jesus". Minutes later, a girl starts welling up like 'they threw stones at me, one black eye after the other.' #shit #ohno #awks #getmeouttahere

And to make this clear I'm really anti bullying! F THE BULLIES, YOU SUCK!


I love this song, just heard it on my new mixtape I got given. Honest lyrics and a chorus that makes me wanna smash something it's so juicy. Oh or maybe running around a beach with confetti. You'll get me when you listen!


12 December 2011





CHECK IT OUT HERE: http://stereogum.com/899191/nmes-50-best-albums-of-2011/list/

Trailer Trash Tracys new video!

LOVE THIS BAND! So beautiful. Yeah, I did a video for this song a while ago which you can find by typing in 'houndgalz' or something. WATCH IT, LISTEN, LOVE IT GUYZ!

Jingle Bellz

Hey y'all!

Today was a lazy weekend, making a change from my usual wild/'ardcore partying. I went to my auntie's vintage shop and bought some gRoovy jewellery and a cool dress. These super cool gold Doccy Ms were being sold too!

Im also feeling 'swag' 'kl' h0t' as I'm starting a new trend.... *drwumroll plz*
TRACKIES AND MARY JANE DOC MARTENS. Yep. See me on the rough streets of West London reppin my Abercrombie's and hipster shoes.

OH, in terms of X-MAS, I watched 'Jack Frost' with my Mom. Possibly the worst film in history. Basics, the Dad dies and comes back as a snowman. My mom humoured me with twisted comments such as 'he's a sad jerk even as a snowman', in the scene where the Dad (brought back as a snowman) is helping his son win a snowball fight. Yes, the christmas spirit is bouncing off da wallz!

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AKA let me see titz

Doing art work, listening to this gr8 mixtape I got given! So brill, i'll post the artists featured on it!

4 December 2011


Rose Boy and Friends

So, I had heard about this whole Rose Boy documentary or whatever and since Billie JD made it, I was interested, since I'm only used to hearing her on JOTS or slagging off some unknown indie band.
They follow around some quintessential gay teenager, 'Harvii', who was pictured giving Megan Fox a rose.. hence the name 'Rose Boy.' TBH I don't really get the big deal about this picture, I mean chill the f out. He seems completely besotted with this world of celebrities, getting a kick that most teens do from tossing their boyf off, by getting a snap with Chace Crawford, or SJP. To be fair, I quite admire him, as it takes dedication to locate these celebz etc. My heart went out for him as I could emphathise with his obsessions (I was in luv with the Jonas Bros).

The real LOL was the guy who moved to London just to fulfill his dream of meeting The Spice Girls.

So, all in all it was pretty good. Lacked a little depth though, thought it could of been more freaky, as some people go through way larger measures/extremes for the world of celebrities.

Got beat up

LOLZ JKZ. I actually got a facial done. By the end I looked like a trash heap; greasy hair from the massage oil, fucking bruises, crusted blood from where I had blemishes picked out.






25 November 2011


I am gonna be starting interview the public/my friends. I have been starting this project for a while, so KEEP AWN THIS BLOG Y'ALL COS THINGZ ARE ABOUT TO GET SCANDALOUS!



How to be socially awkward

I am a professional at naturally being socially 'unacceptable'. Here's a quick guide to milk your awks-ness to the full potential at parties (mostsly)! ENJOY

1.) Laugh at your jokes

Yes, that's right, even if nobody is laughing (which is common), you laugh at yourself and mutter 'I find MYSELF funny, guys,'. Jokes also should be poor- 'what did da brokoli say 2 da carrot'? 'stop STALKing me!!!!!!! teehehehehe'. People will feel uncomfortable/physically sick, and probably disperse or start sweating.

2.) Toilet training @ Parties

Whilst at a party, don't talk to people. Socializing is sooo ten yearz ago babes. Enter the room, go bright red, ask someone where the loo is, and sit there for a while. Go back downstairs, down some vodkah, and go back to the toilet. If I were you I'd do a nice shit, which can be one of the most joyous, pleasurable things in life I find. #realtalk. Come out the toilet and shout 'aw fuk yeah whoeva did that shit in da twalet IS TERRIBLE!!! HEHEHE'.

3.) Ipod change

Espesh if the party is mostly filled with 'hardkore i wuv dubstep' shits or 'let's do the air guitar seriously, dancing to morrissey' type of people this is PERFECT. Whilst they are jamming out to music, change the music. NO, don't change it to a good song, change it to my personal fave 'She's So Lovely' by Scouting For Girls. ROK IT UP

4.) Bully

Chose a victim and hurl abuse at them. When they're on the toilet, kick the door down. Yes, you need to cause M@YH3M, RI0TZ, FIR3. 'M8 m8 yh this absolute fux been chatttin shit bout ur mum innit', is the key line you need to spill to everyone at the party. TRY not to get physically abusive people.


20 November 2011

Breaking Dawn- DA REVIEW

Breaking Dawn left me totally dry, bland 'meh', confused, worried, sick.

Being in the cinema watching it was automatically LOLZ though because all the tweens were frantically clapping when Taylor Lautz came onto the screen. I cringed, but, gave in and gave a cheeki applause too.

Basic outlook:

- Bella's anorexia is disturbing. If jutting bones make you feel nauseas, be warned.

- The sheer un-Twilightness of their honeymoon to Brazil, where Rpatz and B awkwardly like, grind in the middle of a festival made me feel physically ill/unnerved.

- Taylor's m8, (a quillet) is fucking h@wt shit. Like hey-ll. I'm into quillets so maybe it's just me.

- Bring a mask/coat to cover your eyes at the scene where Bellz gives birth. Was gross.


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19 November 2011

Ketamines Interview

I caught up with the amazing band The Ketamines, who produce kick ass psychedelic rock music. Soon I discovered, despite a song named 'Line By Line' and their quite blunt band name, they do not in fact do drugs.

So regarding the band name, are you obsessed with taking Ketamine, or..?

I don't think any member of The Ketamines is obsessed with taking a specific type of drug. I'm not completely sure if any of The Ketamines even take drugs. But if they have or do, I bet ketamine is one.

Most every alternative band I come across solely rely on drugs to write their music. Does this apply to you? If not, do you lose some
respect for those artists who can't write a decent song without snorting coke?

Whatever inspires one to be creative is obviously a key factor to making great music, art ect... If that is drugs or not, is going to be unique to the individual. Although, through the times it seems drugs have been quite popular in making music, we don't personally advocate their use. I don't feel drugs are necessary for me to produce music.

What's the song writing process like? Is their one member of the band that writes most the stuff?

Paul and myself write all the songs. Most of the time Paul comes up with the lyrics and I make the music.

Describe what a normal day is for you and the band.

Really average stuff that is so normal it doesn't deserve any mention.

If you had go on tour with any band, who would it be?

Touring kind of sucks for the most part, and so when we go out we like to go with our pals, so bands like Fist City, Korean Gut, Red Mass, Dirty Beaches, Needles//Pins, Shrapnelles, The Famines, Soft Option. Any of those bands would help make touring a little less terrible

Do you have any wordz of wisdom for aspiring bands/musicians?

Try not to think about how many bands are out there trying to do the same thing, and exploit the fun factor, whatever that may be.


18 November 2011


1.) If, like me, you think you're 'ard check this song out. Don't be afraid 2 start saying 'jhhheeeeeeze' on the streets. <3

2.) You wanna party and impress your friends with a 'cool, alt, mellowed yet dancey song', this is da 1 for you. Get da spliffs out, get your vibes on. Lolz

3.) I'm not a MASSIVE Coldplay fan, but let's not lie this is both catchy and memorable. So turn UR music up, get UR records on...(fail). Plus Chris Martin has got some seriously big guns now. Let go and put some rock n roll signs when you're getting crunk to this song. #moshpit

4.) This song is goose bump inducing. If I had a boyf (Fuk my life), I'd love to drive round the city at night to this song. Yeah they do that in the music video too, which is pretty off da hook.

5.) Effortlessly sexy, funky, dancey, flowy, hair-swishy. That's all.

6.) If you're obsessed with me, or stalk me (Aka da whole wurld), a fun fact is that I listen to this everyday. I love this song. There R no flaws. One of the best songs of 2011.

15 November 2011

Dawg eat Dawg wurld

Dalston Superstars- Episode 1

Again, I thought this was real. I thought this due to the fact that these people dress like this in real life. I know this bcoz I FB stalked them obvz. ##AWKS

Love the oscar nominated cameo from O Children dude, Tobias. <3

14 November 2011

Amanda Knox never looked so SXC

Check it OUT. -http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/foxy-knoxy-free-at-last-0000044-v18n11

What do you think about Amanda Knox? I watched a program on BBC5 about the case, and there was something very unsettling about her. Her fam described her a 'quirky', rather than 'kind-hearted or perhaps 'a decent human being'. Plus her story changed round about ten times...seems pretty suspicious 2 me dontcha think?

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9 November 2011

Never been SNOG(ged)

I h8 the yogurt. Tastes like nail varnish but toppings=yum

Don't go back 2 Rockville

Hi, I'm rocking my SW t-shirt today. I love this cold weather, just snugglin' by the fire (LOL jkz don't have one), hot chocolate, and not shaving your legs! Result. I've done loads of Francis Bacon/Tracey Emin annotation today so can't look at any more paintings :(((((( So pissed that I can't go to loads of gigs this month. I've resorted to pretending I'm a drug dealer so the bands potentially 'hang' with me after their showz. Ill obv rock in with a sandwich bag full of icing sugar, all "here's ur meow meow bb".


7 November 2011

I don't wanna be what they want me to B

So, my weekend has been seriously busy! I know, what a shocker..

On Friday I went to a 'gathering', 'intimate house parT', whatever you wanna call it. Despite having about three panic attacks due to the fact I was around drugs (I h8 them) it was was fun. Only complaint, (although I AM a huge fan of indie/rock music), was the excessive amount of that genre played on da dancefloor. I rebelled several times changing the song to 'Missy Elliot- Work it' and some dubstep. lolz. Saturday I went to a BFFZ birthday dinner thing at this place none of us had been before-- 'Grace', a club/restaurant in central London. Bad jokes were made that evening such as 'Don't you look GWACEful tonight bbz'. HAHAHAHAHHAAHH I laughed. So, GUYZ NEVER GO THERE. We roll in, and there's some bouncer with no front teeth at the door asking for our I.DS, although we were only eating. GR8. We finally enter after coaxing the asshole to let us in. Drunk men in suits were hanging out, jigging to the jumping Enrique and Pitbull pumping out the speakers. All of us wandered through the 'club' and entered the dining area, which was practically empty. Basix, we wanted to surprise the birthday gal with a cake and candle (you get me). Nina whispers to some ginger waitress, telling her to make sure to put a candle in a cake. Two of our chums go out for a cheeky cancer stick and this wannabe Adrian Brody waiter with a put on Italian accent throws some brownie at Sonia. No candle. No sparkler. Nothing but a brownie. -_________-. "Where's the candle", we said as Sonia laughed at how standard/heart-breaking this situation was. "Uhmm, oh, I sorry, here"-- and all of a sudden a tea light is placed near the brownie, lighting up the apparent strand of hair on the bowl. Yum. Happy Birthday, lolz jkz.

5 November 2011

Siberia: Krokodil Tears

Krokodil is a lethal drug widely used in Siberia due to it's accessibility and convenience. Made up of codeine, iodene and red phosphorus, it is scarily easy to get the ingredients from the local pharmacy. Most people who take this drug die. Body parts start to rot. A young teen says "That's why they call it Krokodil, because you skin looks like a crocodile." Vice also explores 'rehabs' aka cults for heroine users and talks to families effected.

Around Siberia, seringes were scattered like chocolate bar rappers and the sense of hope is scarce. This documentary is equally moving as it is eye opening.


h0t flush

Everywhere I go, I go randomly red. I am starting menopause early y'all.


3 November 2011

ur luv

photo trash of what's been apnin recently <3 (Iraq photos with fire are my Mom's, I just edited them) hehe

2 November 2011


My friend Ella and I thought it would be cool, as we're studying 'Invisible Theatre' to shock people and dress up in wigs and masks around Knightsbridge. Our teacher got some footage on his iphone by pretending to be a passer byer just casually on his phone. It was hilarious. Two people actually collided into each other because they were staring at us. Sadly we didn't get a lot of the good bits on video. The security guards outside Gucci and all those designer shops were looking at us as if we were terrorists. Louis Vuitton's ones made the "I'm watching you", signal.. lolz aren't we so controversial?

29 October 2011






So, today was the 'Big Halloween L@$h up weekend', so I finally managed to scrape together some plans. My friends looked really nice.. hardly dressed up TBH, so I was left looking like a twat. Most girls think Halloween is the one day a year where they can go full out slutty, polluting the streets with bunny costumes and 'sxc' nurse outfits. Personally, I like going as something LOL worthy. Last year or something I went as a grape, wearing purple balloons, and this idea I thought I'd be extra cool and be Tyler The Creator. awks. With a massive wad of tissue paper cellotaped up, stuffed under my denim shorts (lol Tyly has a big ding dawng), and my flat cap ON, oh, and 'WOLF GANG' drawn onto my knuckles, I ventured the streetz of London.

We went to this pub, where all the girls looked so hot in tight red dresses and devils horns. I took the stuffing from my shorts and wandered in, still looking like trash- obvz.

"Excuse me ye, but, like, what's on your forehead." Some pikey Chelsea supporter who was flat out drunk said to me, in his grey hood, extremely close to my face.

"Um, it's, um, like Tyler The Creator, some rapper, I'm religious it's just, yeah a symbol", I nervously said, worried the poor guy was gonna beat me up. His mottly crew was surrounding us too, consisting of some joker who looked like he was made of wax, and some other loser.

"Listen Joe, I'm gonna crush your skull in if you don't shut up. I'm just saying and all darlin', you're a pwetti gal and I wouldn't want you turning a cross upside down."

Jesus Christ we finally escaped the wrath of these creeps, and pondered if this cross symbol was to do with the devil or some shit. We stopped off at this party which was like, so skins, (teehee) full of these hipster boys who were hot but looked like pot head/mentally ill. Also, I hadn't stalked/seen them on FB which felt too mysterious. I was totes tempted to shout "what R U dressed up as?? A dikhead??" HEHEHEHEHEHE I'm such a rebel. So, I'm trying to act casual and having a jig with my friends in the corner, trying so desperately to maintain by sxc image, when I look to my right and some dude in a scary mask is inhaling laughing gas, weed smoke is blowing up my nostrils, my other friends are walking past me as if they don't know me. HELLLLLLLLZ NO. If you hadn't guessed already, we left. After 10 minutes. Sadly I didn't get any pix.

The tube journey home was absolute mayhem/chaos/adventure. BASIX, we wanted to start a mosh pit vibe on this train. All the french exchange people on the carriage looked up for it. Apart from the fact they were actually Italian so that was awks. Any ways, she starts spraying the Fanta on Olivia who turns it, and it forms a puddle near this Indian blokes shoe. It doesn't touch him though.


He got really feisty. So we moved down to the more rowdy Italian shits. They were fun.



28 October 2011

diet starts today. #wishmeluck


Halloween Blues

So, right now I think I'm rocking the 'rainbow scarf' look. It's gonna trend, don't wozza guyz.

Also, I'm officially the most socially awkward being, evz. I can only discuss my friend's dog, my lack of friends, how I'm Simon from Inbetweeners.. and my hobbies (facebook stalking). ONE DAY I will be famous, cool, h0t, rich, so holler at me then.

Junior Apprentice, or 'Young Apprentice', as it's now called, is so LOL. My personal fave is Muhammed, the seemingly crippled young 'satellite seller'. "Nuh, laike Sir Alahn, I pwomise, I waz well manured, I came up wiv da pirite idea, waz all mine, yh". What a joker. I especially love his persuasive techniques to get the Essex lot to buy ice cream, (doing some gun shot movement, and shouting "Oi sir plz by ice cweam good price yh"). A true professional at work innit.

Despite being a complete social buttahfly, I don't really have anything insane planned for Halloween this weekend. Am toying with the idea of making my BBM/Facebook status "Off to Berlin this weekend, so unable 2 attend parteez, fanx 4 all da invites anywayz." You can probably find me realistically pushing past and potentially breaking small children's legs to fight for the candy.. yes I WILL be trick or treating. Last year the re-occurring phrase was "Aren't you a little old to be trick or treating?", at which I replied "U kno whut yh? Imma tip this whole fuckin candy bowl ova **child startz cwyin** and see how u lyk dat old man."

Lolz Jkz I started to well up and ran home to comfort of my mother.

Don't h8 the player, h8 the game.

26 October 2011

What da hell are they saying though? Oh God, who cares.

My hair used 2 be tumblr worthy

Grrrrrrrrr my hair was exciting, and then I dyed it black and ginger by mistake. #godhelpme
It was almost so cool I could imagine it on some knobz tumblr. Or like The Cobra Snake website heheheeheeh. Now I just look like Ronald Mc Donald y'all. EFF Mi Lyf.


Took natural pix of me sneezing. Pretty freaky, right? X-tra alt points because I'm wearing my SDUBZ t-shirt <3


Pix of frendz + me, swagging out the 'dip dye' 'ombre' style. X


Hey, so I thought it would be nice to throw some love at the blogs I actually read or whatever. Some of them I don't really 'like', I just simply find them enthralling.

- This gal is funny. Her posts make you LOL and are well written, PLUS she has really a fun/bangin sense of style. Loads of her posts include really amazing links to online shops which I've become big fans of. OH, and she posts these pictures of her nails which make me so jealz. :"(

- Ok, I sometimes go on this website to laugh at the try-hard punk factor of these three BFFz. HOWEVER, looking at pix of them half naked, hanging out in super short shorts, living this somewhat hedonistic life style becomes addictive. For them, dying their hair and getting tattoos is a really 'cajj' thing. I do love their clothes as well. And their hair. They need some meat on dere bonez though NGL.

- Sometimes I find it hard to get my head round what possesses the blogger Karley Sciortino to have a slave, and pee on people. I mean, I'm open minded and weird, but it comes to a point where I'm like 'Wah da fux'. Giving her credit, her stories are really descriptive and honest, and INTERESTING. She hangs with people like Dev Hynes, she writes for Vice and takes drugs, but she actually seems non "I'm so alt and edgy, play those vinyls while I snort some MDMA m8". I like her. I wish she was ma big sis, in a twisted way. Plus she's curvy so.. yeah. Bonus POiNt$

20 October 2011

best budz 4eva

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The Only Way Is Dalston (TOWID)

So basix, MTV is trying to make a reality show on "young, arty, involved" people in East London, aka hipster brats. I find this idea totally hilarious, and am crossing my fingers that they will find some really LOL worthy people to go on it.

Vice made a trailer for what they think it would look like with "The Only Way Is Dalston". The first time I watched it, I actually believed it was real.. It's comedy gold and very very believable.

Being a stalker, however, I stumbled most on the 'fake characters' and they look like complete idiots on FB as well... maybe it's not as jokey as it seems.



18 October 2011

I love Hoop Of Love

Go on a long drive, color your hair, and put on some baggy clothes. (It's winter but whatever)


Unknown Mortal Orchestra- HoneyBee
This song is only 1:13, and at first it does not seem that complex, or that fulfilling to be honest. The next couple of listens it becomes incredibly familiar because of it's length, and repetition of beats. All of these features put you into a sort of mellowed trance, yet the infectious guitar rifts give it a lift back to reality. Just as its reaching its climax, HoneyBee almost abruptly ends, and you're left wanting more.

The Horrors- Best Thing I Never Had (Beyonce Cover)
This is tragic. Firstly, the lead singer sounds completely drunk.. and secondly only on rare occasions do I like covers. If I didn't know who The Horrors were, from this cover I'd think they were a struggling unknown band playing small seedy clubs, thinking they are putting an 'edgy' spin on Beyonce, when really, they should leave this song down to the professional. Two thumbs majorly down.

Blood Orange "Champagne Coast"
I'm really, really loving Blood Orange at the moment. He's an absolute genius, as he creates a sensual, musky, and funky vibe to most of his songs. Here his voice is so soft, but then the line 'come to my bedroom', sung in a stronger tone, repeated over and over adds that oomph that makes the song properly come together. This is a fantastic song that I'd definitely listen to it several times over again! Sutpin Boulevard and Bad Girls are also terrific tracks. (CHECK THEM OUT)

Lyf iz a nightmare

When I'm feeling like the whole wide wurld is against me, I crank up this hardcore tune as loud as da speakerz go. Real talk. Embrace it! I'm gonna pretend I didn't start loving this song from Cheaper By The Dozen.

(lucy and I demonstrating that "fuk lyf" look)

WIN A TRIP TO BERLIN- Courtesy of Noisey

Noisey Special Engagements is giving a lucky someone the chance to fly out to Berlin (all paid for) and see the A-MAZING, HOLY GHOST! I mean, Berlin is one of my favorite destinations, and Holy Ghost is effing bangin'. PLUS Noisey is filming the gig, meaning you can appear in the video.. (Claim 2 fame). And there's NO catch.

Take TWO MINUTES outta your time for a chance to win a prize that'll rock yer wurld, NOISEY style. Enter the competition at http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/holy-ghost-noisey-special-engagements-competition-berlin