Hey. So here is a playlist of new and old whatevs.. just songs I like at the moment. I'd suggest ccccccheckin' them out. coz dere bere gd innit! ( youtube links included) W000000

1.The Strokes- Soma

2.Julian Casablancas- 11th Dimension

3. The Vaccines- Post Break Up Sex

4.Tinchy Stryder Giggs, etc- Game Over

5. Milky- Just the way you are

6.ATB- Till I come

7. Korn-Word Up

8. Burning Hotels- Stuck in the middle

9. Boy Crisis Dubstep- Dressed to Digress

10. Fred- Christmas Is Creepy (lolz)


  1. Some bands to come out of the American Fuzz scene.

    John I'm Only Dancing (Bowie Cover)- Vivan Girls

    Jail La La - Dum Dum Girls

    Crazy For You - Best Coast

    Warpaint - Ashes to Ashes ( Another Bowie Cover)
    Judge for yourself on this one anna i'm not too sure about it.

    France's Answer To It
    Sur La Plage - La Femme

    tell us what you think

  2. HI!
    I like John I'm Only Dancing a lot!
    I'm feelin' Best Coast, not too super about Jail La La.
    I don't get why Warpaint would want to redo such a classic, but it's quite good, a bit to whispery. But i do like it, especially would be nice cranked. Would like it more if they had done it originally, lolz!
    I like Sur La Plage!
    Thanks so much, i like xx


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