5 reasons not to get your head shaved around your head.

(yes i know i had mine shaved for a bit, that's why i'm writing it kinda)
to give you an example, i have thrown in some supa indie pix of myself )

1.) It's getting a bit dated now, and loads of sloanes keep getting it. I think you can only properly put it off if you are grungey, like Alice Delall, which is why I deeply regret getting mine. Well, one of da reasons.

2.)It grows back really weirdly, like if you get the standard shave on the side thing, it grows back like side burny and weird. So unless you want it for the rest of your life, which is not advisable, you will need to let it grow, which makes you look extremely dykey.

3.) If you want to make you hair a little bit more exciting, which i did, i dunno, get some un-chavvy extensions, or throw a bit of colour in it. (unless you look punky, then go get ya head shaved)

4.) It becomes addictive, once you get it, sort of like piercings, you keep wanting more. Nothing is enough, like i did the back of my head (what the fuck was i thinkin') then i moved on to the side.

5.) If you are a non=punk and want to get it, despite this list, atleast go get a nike tick. please

thank you and goodnight
annnaa x


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