28 November 2010

Last wun, I swearz!

Yes I realise that I've written about 7 blogs in the past 10 minutes, but I couldn't be more bored and writing them makes me excited.

Basc I was just going to say that me and annz love for anyone who reads the blog (probs about 3 people, let's not lie to eachother) is unbelievable, so please do keep readin and commenting it makes us think we're not talking to ourselves.

WE LUV YOU KID(S) plural if we're lucky
Nina x

Hold up Nancy

So basically Hold up, Nancy have given me the privilledge of trying to write them a song..
Which I have, and it's called Too In Love.
So I think it's quite catchy, and alice likes it but fuck me, I am piss scared they're going to hate it.
So let's just hope that it's okay...

If I post on here in a couple of weeks saying I hate them it's probably because they've rejected it. JKZ JKZ. No hard feeliinz!

Anyway this post was pointless I'm gonna go and be scared somwhere else.
Ninz x

TV perfection

Saturday and Sunday nightz, I knoe what your thinking, time to paint the town red, sex, drugs, rock n roll.

Well no, saturday and sunday nightz now mean X factor and I'm a celebrity back to back.

There is a God,


2 November 2010


i'm not really feeling Bombay Bicycle Club's recent album..
I love their chilling, beautiful songs, but I miss the more catchy tracks, like 'The Hill' and 'Evening/Morning'. I hope they are not going to stick with this whole folky delicate approach.

'Ivy and Gold' is so average, and kind of gets on my nerve. My favourite is 'Flaws', which is really pretty and the girls voice compliments his brilliantly.

The album makes me feel slightly sad, so i tend not to listen to it, to tell the truth.