30 October 2010



well. i went to a house party last nite, lol. We took a cab, more like a mini bus, to this 'shubz'. So, we rocked out (i rocked out) in the cab to mcfly, and kesha, and we all had are supa green glowstix!!!!

We went in, and it was pretty awk truth be told. Nobody was dancing, there was like, no music, and yeah. So Gilks popped in her ipod and we put on some poppin' tunesz and did our cwinge dancing- I mean, we might aswell try and have a good night making a dick of ourselves then sitting on the couch pretending to get drunk on J20. Some chick was like OMG I h8 this song, when we put on pop the glock. Whoever she is she F OFF (LOL). Anywyas

I thought it wuld be bare jokz to put on the indie song 'why arent you dancing' to cause a riot and statement to those who weren't dancing .Don't think anyone got da hint.

But. all in all, it was pretty funnii and good. Ty nancy (don't know you, but thanks). And it was soooooo insane and sik!! how some ppl put lyk fishies in a cup hehehehe and put a pumpkin on an umbrella!! FUKIN CRAZY SHIT. Who the hell does that? literally.

Peace out

28 October 2010

w t f

why do you galz feel the need to dress like sluts on halloween?