reply to todds thing on da bl0g below

the entry was about a type of person not really about music. Yeah ok not everyone is going to like Dynomite, I for one personally love it. I didn't say meaningful music was indie! Haha if meaningful music was called 'indie' i'd shoot myself. Quite a lot of 'indie' has no meaning to it, which is fine. Meaningful can be anything, to anyone.. whether it be 'it's just because i'm nananann frisky'. Bruce Springsteen some call meaningful and i wouldn't call him 'indie'. The entry was pointing out how arrogant people can be in looking down at people for liking something that is not new and 'hot', no i'm not talking about David Bowie, i'm talking about someone (i used indie as an example) liking an old hip/jazz/emo whatever song and someone being all 'pfffft you don't know music'. Because, maybe it is just me, but i have met a lot of people like that. I think music has a lot to do with your mood, and if you want to listen to Tik Tok, yeah sure as hell we're not making movements but tbh that's too bad because some people are in a silly dancey mood. Most of the time I don't want to listen to things I find meaningful because it makes me sad or think a lot personally. I think it's narrow minded also if someone also likes just the top 40 hits, but when did i say you should? I see your point about the mainstreamers doing it for fame, and to be honest that is probably correct, but quite often other bands do it for the sex and the drugs and whatever.. they don't have to have vulgure lyrics and dress with shutter shades to be like that. That's the joy of mainstream, you're not expecting anything, it's just the song, to be honest you don't care about the lyrics, infact you might take the piss out of them. But half these alternative bands come out with songs you actually relate to and you think they're creativr and then BANG interview with the lead singer saying it was about being high on heroin.


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