Paedo Ego Boost

You see an old man, a hairy disgusting old man looks you up and down, or maybe blurts out 'very nice, very nice **looks down, looks back up, smirks**.

Most people either say fuck off, or feel disgusted, or if you live around my area, think of it as a daily occurance. What I just don't get is how some girls get a kick out of it. Like O-M-G, the guy with the crusty foot just totes looked at me ( i must look so effing buff). Are you that desperate?

Or when they accept all the perves on their facebook, and like talking dirty to them as bre jks? Wow aren't you a jok@.

This remains a mystery to me my friends!

I feel so bunged up. I might go listen to Tracy Beaker on CD in a bit, it helps me get to sleep. Oh my god Gossip Girl looks so juicy! I am so hyped




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