The Inbetweeners

Alright so once a fuckin gain, pictures aren't uploadinn propahly but yeah.

Me and Anna, Will and Simon.
I don't think there's anyway we could be more alike.
Sometimes, when watching the show together it's almost frightening.
Like maybe they have stolen our identities and made a show, like maybe just maybe we're even uncooler than we thought.

Most people feel us on dis, and say "You guyz are like dem blokes off da inbetweeners!" but others don't agree, so please comment if you do think you can imagine Anna graffin someones front drive with an "I wuv you" or me putting a blanket over a disabled person's head because he just wouldn't shaddup.

TY guyz, plz comment (knoe you won't) Ninax


  1. hahaahahah i totally agree!! you guys are too funny
    love it

  2. well you are fat and anna is cross-eyed so naaaaah

  3. yeah that's us! love you baby doll

  4. waaaait a second.. hold up, oh my god shit! this is so upsetting coz i always thought i was bare skinny! DAMN IT.

  5. boom, this blog is gonna b world famous cos u can read it at skl


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