GOD 'elp me

Epicanthal fold: A fold of skin that comes down across the inner angle (canthus) of the eye. The epicanthal fold is more common in children with Down syndrome and other birth defects than normal children and so is of value in diagnosis.

Alright guys. So, my eyes are a bit 'unique'. I've never MINDED my eyes, despite the fact when i put eyeliner fully around them, they look like bowling bowls. Basically this bit of skin covers over the red thing in the corner of my eye, making my eyes appear bigger, but look slightly oriental..

I decided to research this, and check if it was normal (since i have NEVER seen anyone else with my eye thing), and if you do, please holla at me. It is called an Epicanthal fold, and I typed it in google and children with down syndrome came up. I got one of the images in google of their eye, so you can compare it.

AND i got a picture of my beautiful friend Tara's eye, which is normal because you can see the red ting.


  1. Anna your eyes are stunnin' x

  2. Bless ya cotton sox!!!!!!!!!! (**blushin**)
    teehee x

  3. I have this too!! no one else i know has it either! to my knowledge i have no asian relatives or fore fathers/mothers

  4. Hi! I was searching about this topic and I found your blog :). I have this too, but none of the people I know has it... I'm Spanish, by the way, no asian relatives that I know...

  5. omg, i'm relieved! hahh good to know! xx


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