Festival Pikz

Right, so I've been on facebook, and come across about 5 million festival albums, whether it be Reading or Glasto, whatever. All the pictures are the SAME.

Here is the general theme:

-Taken by a disposable
-All taken of their 'crew' chilling out around their tent, getting completely wasted
-Someone lying on the floor
-Some smoking in a tent
-A picture taken by themselves of one or two people at night, out of control, with a blurred picture of a stage in the background.
-People holding beer cans
-A supa cool pikki of a pile of their rubbish (omgz) including: paper, fags, tinned beans...etc
-People just woken up..
-People holding the gr8 combo of pot noodle and a fag.

Okay, why can't people be a bit imaginative and take some pictures of the bands playing? Yeah, everybody knows at festivals people get craz3 or whatever, but to be honest, appart from the people who look at themselves in the album like 'shit dude, i can totes not memba any of dat :S', nobody really gives a toss if you were stoned. And why do people pay all the money, to sit around in a circle, smoking cigarettes, lie in a tent all day, and go to a couple of bands? That's what it seems like half these people do. Is it just to say, 'ahh yeah man reading was siiiccck' or to make your facebook status 'reading- what a time. '10'. I like festivals, but i think it mostly is about the music.

Also, I hate, how everyone who is sane, knows that Notting Hill Carnival is going on, yet we get the constant 'NOTTINGHILL CARNIVAL TODAY!!!!', 'Gonna dress up well funny for the carnival' 'Notting Hill Carnival' 'Notz Hillz Carnz'. YES MATE, WE GET IT. Jease. Again, half these people probably wouldn't even go to it, if they weren't able to post a pic up on facebook of them 'soakin up da reggae' or facebooking they are going. Because it's considered cool to go to it, people love to prove they're going or something. Don't get it...


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