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So, I going to dedicate this entry to people who really get me screaming 'GET OUT OV MA WORLD'.

We've all seen them. They're everywhere.
(Or maybe it's just my imagination)

The people who obvs spend their days looking up new tunes on their lappyz (not like i haven't but ok) and THEN someone shows you a song on youtube and is like 'Oh no, please, this song has only been released to two people in the wurld, you may or may not know it (JOKES U FKIN DNT U UN-INDIE GiiT- I DO I DO DOE IN UR FACE (**teehee**).' You listen.. and bored because you'd rather rock to taio cruz (why do people hate on dynomite, i love that song?) anyways, then you sneekily, TRY and get on the same level as them by showing them a song you think is new and NO, 'i have heard this a million times before babez'..GO HOME

Also when people only listen to new music, and kind of smirk when they hear you like, i dunno, for example, Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons (as much as they get on my nerves now i did like Little Lion man or whatever.. And then they say 'hahaah catch up...' or 'right....have you heard their new stuff? jee-wizz, takes me back to listening to the old western beats of the ranch in which my mother gave me life'. NO.

Fair enough we all say, 'oh have you heard the rest of the album of theirs?' but we don't do it in some patrinising way.

ALSO, thinking about this the other day made me get paranoid because i thought maybe these shits are just soo passionate about music, cut them some slack but tbh it bugz me. Like when i went on someones wall and the status was 'PRAY GOD XX don't win mercury prize!!!!!!!!!!' and then 8 comments like 'i completely agree there fellow. xx all sound the same, and don't sound original. Unlike Mumz and Sonz who are so totes individual (HOW ARE THEY BTW? They sound like any old country folk crap but a bit more pretencious) and if you go back 5 years when so and so one the award it was such a travestry, but my oh my, xx's ballads and gslfhdlfhlj;flkhjdskjl JUST STOP.. PLEASE?

When i am around these kind of people i feel like i am being so heavily judged, and if i say i like kesha they'd bloody hang me in rough trade or something.. Why do people take themselves so seriously?? Does it make them feel important? Maybe i am just speaking nonsense and probs being hyprocritical BUT H3Y H03 baby kakes.

LOVE Y'ALL. plz comment, i know you won't. hehehe


  1. Personally anna i don't like taio cruz, whatever oppinion people wanna force down my throat. Yeah sure, he's mainstream but thats really not the reason why, there are plenty of other catchy chart bands(ahem, not really bands but you know) like roll deep which you might listen to on a night out, or join in when someone puts it on. But i disagree; liking meaningful, well crafted music is not "indie" (which people usually associate with people trying to be unique and failing - i'd say some of the time this is true)To be honest, being called "indie" by anyone nowadays is insulting. It has come to mean wannabe, sprayed on jeaned, pointy shoed, "horrors hair" ponce; which has reached the status worse than emo had 5 years ago. Personally i don't blame them, can't stand them pointy shoe fuckers.

    However i think its sad that "indie" has in some way engulfed possestion over older, more sophisticated music. So now that music is seen as "vintage, and therefore shit" by most teenagers in this country, rather than people appriciating better music, its seen as indie and therefore lame, even though the term didn't exist when blues and rock and roll where even in popularity.

    I see your point but a lot of artists nowadays are only in their job to be "famous" and "make $$$ by doing jack shit".
    I can overgeneralise like all the indie kids do, or just like people who love chart music overgeneralise about "indie music" but that would be unfair. I do believe a large percentage of artists in the chart are only doing it to be thrown into the limelight singing about fame, the club, their shawty, their boo, and getting drunk with all their money. And quite frankly these are sad overproduced ideas, with little to no heart in them. Who cares about lyrics REALLY, some of the best New Order songs were created by passing a pen around the studio and each member of the crew writing the first thing that came into their head. Thats not what tree i'm barking up at, but the creativity, which is key to the existance of music is lagging. Infact it has a mind-numming effect, there is no reasons for these songs to be created. Most of these chart artists only want a career for the fame, while every other generation apart from ours had music with meaning and message in the charts. Its just sad, with so much going on it seems like our generation has nothing to speak out about.

    There was the swinging 60's, the music movement talking about change and sexual equality, and a generation who preached freedom. The 70's had punk, with kids putting their fingers up to authority with fast paced, rocky music. the 80's was a giant mixture of post-punk, new romantic's, synth bashing, experimenting with ska and riots over petty rules and regulations. the 90's had acid house with teenagers going to massive countryside raves and dancing for 9 hours straight, just to piss off the goverment, in addition to britpop which created great bands like Oasis and Blur.

    The common thing with all these things is that all these genres were at one point the only thing filling up the chart. From the late nineties to late noughties onward it has been filled with britney spears.
    To be honest people who's taste only consists of whats on the charts are slightly unintelligent and closed minded. Those people are usually those who have nothing to speak out about as the music is messageless and meaningless.
    Just like all the other music that came in decades before us, the chart music represents the feeling and movement teenagers are making. Effectively, we are making no movement, and eating up music with no meaning. Which is sad, very, very sad.

    Todd Viney

  2. i spent time readin that....
    i agree


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