You go get em tiger...prawn. The Animal Print Trend for A/W 2010,r:0,s:0

Sorry photos aren't uploading properly, but if you click on the link I think you'll get what I'm talking about.

Alright, so I'm looking through VOGUE and all the usual fashion "magz", and apparently animal/leopard print is the big ting for Autumn/Winter 2010.

Frankly I'm just confused. Okay, so yes on the catwalk this dress looks kick arse. No arguing with the fact it's been designed beautifully with all the interesting hemming but in REAL LIFE when are you going to wear that? When? Name one time when it would be socially acceptable to pop up in that? Aswell as everyone thinking you're a psycho they'd think you're a chav.

This is why I stand by my fact that I love the high street catwalk thing that goes on in LOOK. Aytee they'll do the trend, like animal print but it's all from the highstreet AND they'll just do subtle hints of the trend. Not a full on bloody leopard print body suit. Finally there's a way of wearing a trend without looking like a complete freak, and we can afford it.

Not going to lie, still not going to be rocking out in my zebra striped accented leggings but there you are.
Neenz x


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