Hey y'all. So i'm up San Francisco, chillin' it up. Today I went to H8 Ashberry, also known as 'Haight Ashberry'. The 'indie' area of the city, where there are great vintage shops and 'hipsters'. .....Well that's what it said in the guide book.

We get to this place, after trekking up 500 hills. So first we see some wanna-bee rastas 'busking' on the floor. One chick looked like an ex Abercrombie model, but was soo alternative and rasta because she had a bead in her hair and a guitar, which she wasn't even playing. Two guys next to her had dreads and guitars aswell. Go home you ain't authentic. Go use some of your inheritence money instead of trying to look cool.

Then you had shops trying to be Camden, like 'CANNABIS', and slogans in the window like 'legalize it dude'. Then you'd get more 'rastas' smoking ganja. Even the people working in Ben and Jerrys were wearing tie dye tops trying to pretend they were from a different era. The whole place was trying TOO hard, and felt like you were in a fancy dress party where the theme was 1960s or something. The vintage shops were decent.. but a little on the pricey side. The only good thing was the amazing shop selling dvds, cds, and vinyls. There weren't even any cool people there, appart from the occasional guy in a shopl.

OH and then we went into American Apparel. Have you ever noticed that there is a signature American App worker? Girls have:

-Block Fringe (or shaved hair, or really long hair)
-Clear skin
-Minimal make-up
You get the idea

In that shop they all look like they are paid to work there to try and look cool and talk amongst eachother rather than being helpful people and being friendly for godsake. To top it off, you have the bright lights which make you feel like jumping in a pool of acid, and and going to a gym. AND you have annoying music that blares that repeats the lyrics about 80 times. This is a shame, as the clothes are nice.

Anna x


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