"Nahh she's sickening."

Alright, so my friend Pavan was round my house when Todd came round to get his iPod and his lyrics (yes guys we're that indii3).
And me and Pavan are looking through Heat, and we're doing the usual taking the piss out of the chicks in there. So Todd's hearing a lot of "Do you think she's pretty?" "Nahh she's sickening".
When he says "Why do you criticise everyone in there? If they're famous because of their looks they're obviously not disgusting."

So then I start thinking, why is it that girls all criticise other girls? Okay, sometimes it is because we're jealous and we actually think they're insanely buff and wish we were them so we try and find flaws, but a lot of people I honestly think aren't pretty are considered gorgeous.

Let's take an example and I know I'm going to get hate mail because of this but I don't understand the hype about Cheryl Cole.

Alright so she's a pretty girl but she ain't that great! I don't understand how she's some sex symbol she isn't exactly some big breasted big bummed goddess. She's pretty skinny, and in my opinion pretty average.

In my opinion the only women who are peng arse sex symbols are MEGAN FOX, hawt dayum hunni. And maybe Angelina Jolie, Cheryl Cole can go shut the fuck up and suck Simon Cowell's dick.
Thank you and Good morning,
Neenz x


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