Ok, I thought Paris Hilton's BFF was on, haha, and NO, they change it to 'JedWard Let Loose'. Maybe Paris was cancelled due to her Coke scandal. Anyways, I decided to watch this trash because nothing else was on t.v.

I saw something kind of fit in Jedward, beneath the weird quiff, and matching outfits. After this show I lost all faith. Firstly, they seemed to be putting on some fake American accent, on top of their Irish accent. They are obvs queer; their voices were so high pitched I fell off my chair. The biggest scandal of the show was that (drumroll) EDWARD AND JEDWARD weren't sleeping in the same room!!!!!! CALL DA PO-PO. And they seem a little too close.

They think they're celebrities, and are so stupid. 'Omg how do you turn on the fridge'? Oh come on. Then they make a special appearance at Dublins HMV, where a bunch of 'tweens' and teens are like having heart attacks (all girls). They have this cocky, annoying personality where it seems like they can't sit still for more than five minutes, and they are always on top of eachother, giving eachother piggy bags or whatevs. I sense some incest up in here. NASTY.



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