Hi. So I decided to blog about something different for a change.. So here are some pieces of items for autumn/winter and summer that I'm feelin'.

First off, is the lovely tartan Dries Van Outen dress. It's very simple (i like dressing simple), but you could jazz it up with some fishnets, boots, or some purple lippE. lolz. I think black is super for winter, or tbh any time of the year, so rock IT.

Secondly, I'm loving this kind of rock chick, sophisticated look, from Isabel Marrant's a/w 2010 collection. Not too keen on the whole baseball jacket thing, but I like everything else (except the scarf). It could look really classy, and fresh, with hair nicely up, with a simple flick of liquid eyeliner, or red lipstick. Or.. you could grunge it up with messy hair, doc martens, and serious @ttitud3. Wow that was cringe.. But seriously i'm liking it.

Hahaha i'm writing as if i think i'm some fashion stylist.. but I'm not. I'm just writing what I feel.

Also, I like that American Apparel has some less i- have -to -be- anorexic -to -look decent -in -this clothing! I like the button up, collar silk shirts, and the ra-ra skirts are really fun and summery too. Oh, and the high waist trousers are lovely aswell. The only annoyance is that American so bleedin' expensive.. Really? 25 quid for a top- PLEASE. And has anyone else noticed there is NEVER a sale in that shop?

Anna x


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