31 August 2010


Ok, I thought Paris Hilton's BFF was on, haha, and NO, they change it to 'JedWard Let Loose'. Maybe Paris was cancelled due to her Coke scandal. Anyways, I decided to watch this trash because nothing else was on t.v.

I saw something kind of fit in Jedward, beneath the weird quiff, and matching outfits. After this show I lost all faith. Firstly, they seemed to be putting on some fake American accent, on top of their Irish accent. They are obvs queer; their voices were so high pitched I fell off my chair. The biggest scandal of the show was that (drumroll) EDWARD AND JEDWARD weren't sleeping in the same room!!!!!! CALL DA PO-PO. And they seem a little too close.

They think they're celebrities, and are so stupid. 'Omg how do you turn on the fridge'? Oh come on. Then they make a special appearance at Dublins HMV, where a bunch of 'tweens' and teens are like having heart attacks (all girls). They have this cocky, annoying personality where it seems like they can't sit still for more than five minutes, and they are always on top of eachother, giving eachother piggy bags or whatevs. I sense some incest up in here. NASTY.


24 August 2010

You go get em tiger...prawn. The Animal Print Trend for A/W 2010


Sorry photos aren't uploading properly, but if you click on the link I think you'll get what I'm talking about.

Alright, so I'm looking through VOGUE and all the usual fashion "magz", and apparently animal/leopard print is the big ting for Autumn/Winter 2010.

Frankly I'm just confused. Okay, so yes on the catwalk this dress looks kick arse. No arguing with the fact it's been designed beautifully with all the interesting hemming but in REAL LIFE when are you going to wear that? When? Name one time when it would be socially acceptable to pop up in that? Aswell as everyone thinking you're a psycho they'd think you're a chav.

This is why I stand by my fact that I love the high street catwalk thing that goes on in LOOK. Aytee they'll do the trend, like animal print but it's all from the highstreet AND they'll just do subtle hints of the trend. Not a full on bloody leopard print body suit. Finally there's a way of wearing a trend without looking like a complete freak, and we can afford it.

Not going to lie, still not going to be rocking out in my zebra striped accented leggings but there you are.
Neenz x

19 August 2010


Hey y'all. So i'm up San Francisco, chillin' it up. Today I went to H8 Ashberry, also known as 'Haight Ashberry'. The 'indie' area of the city, where there are great vintage shops and 'hipsters'. .....Well that's what it said in the guide book.

We get to this place, after trekking up 500 hills. So first we see some wanna-bee rastas 'busking' on the floor. One chick looked like an ex Abercrombie model, but was soo alternative and rasta because she had a bead in her hair and a guitar, which she wasn't even playing. Two guys next to her had dreads and guitars aswell. Go home you ain't authentic. Go use some of your inheritence money instead of trying to look cool.

Then you had shops trying to be Camden, like 'CANNABIS', and slogans in the window like 'legalize it dude'. Then you'd get more 'rastas' smoking ganja. Even the people working in Ben and Jerrys were wearing tie dye tops trying to pretend they were from a different era. The whole place was trying TOO hard, and felt like you were in a fancy dress party where the theme was 1960s or something. The vintage shops were decent.. but a little on the pricey side. The only good thing was the amazing shop selling dvds, cds, and vinyls. There weren't even any cool people there, appart from the occasional guy in a shopl.

OH and then we went into American Apparel. Have you ever noticed that there is a signature American App worker? Girls have:

-Block Fringe (or shaved hair, or really long hair)
-Clear skin
-Minimal make-up
You get the idea

In that shop they all look like they are paid to work there to try and look cool and talk amongst eachother rather than being helpful people and being friendly for godsake. To top it off, you have the bright lights which make you feel like jumping in a pool of acid, and and going to a gym. AND you have annoying music that blares that repeats the lyrics about 80 times. This is a shame, as the clothes are nice.

Anna x

"Nahh she's sickening."

Alright, so my friend Pavan was round my house when Todd came round to get his iPod and his lyrics (yes guys we're that indii3).
And me and Pavan are looking through Heat, and we're doing the usual taking the piss out of the chicks in there. So Todd's hearing a lot of "Do you think she's pretty?" "Nahh she's sickening".
When he says "Why do you criticise everyone in there? If they're famous because of their looks they're obviously not disgusting."

So then I start thinking, why is it that girls all criticise other girls? Okay, sometimes it is because we're jealous and we actually think they're insanely buff and wish we were them so we try and find flaws, but a lot of people I honestly think aren't pretty are considered gorgeous.

Let's take an example and I know I'm going to get hate mail because of this but I don't understand the hype about Cheryl Cole.

Alright so she's a pretty girl but she ain't that great! I don't understand how she's some sex symbol she isn't exactly some big breasted big bummed goddess. She's pretty skinny, and in my opinion pretty average.

In my opinion the only women who are peng arse sex symbols are MEGAN FOX, hawt dayum hunni. And maybe Angelina Jolie, Cheryl Cole can go shut the fuck up and suck Simon Cowell's dick.
Thank you and Good morning,
Neenz x

2 August 2010


Also, I just thought of something..
People think it's slutty to take pictures in their bras.. But it's ok for people to take pictures in their bikinis.. it's basically the same thing, you just ain't wearing the same material. I don't think there is anything wrong with bikini pictures.. but it just got me thinking. Maybe because when you're in your bikini, you aren't deliberately like 'yee bbz let's snap a pik of ma hot bawd', it's more like, 'yeah i'm on holiday, in my bikini ready 2 hit the beach'. Who knows!



Hi. So I decided to blog about something different for a change.. So here are some pieces of items for autumn/winter and summer that I'm feelin'.

First off, is the lovely tartan Dries Van Outen dress. It's very simple (i like dressing simple), but you could jazz it up with some fishnets, boots, or some purple lippE. lolz. I think black is super for winter, or tbh any time of the year, so rock IT.

Secondly, I'm loving this kind of rock chick, sophisticated look, from Isabel Marrant's a/w 2010 collection. Not too keen on the whole baseball jacket thing, but I like everything else (except the scarf). It could look really classy, and fresh, with hair nicely up, with a simple flick of liquid eyeliner, or red lipstick. Or.. you could grunge it up with messy hair, doc martens, and serious @ttitud3. Wow that was cringe.. But seriously i'm liking it.

Hahaha i'm writing as if i think i'm some fashion stylist.. but I'm not. I'm just writing what I feel.

Also, I like that American Apparel has some less i- have -to -be- anorexic -to -look decent -in -this clothing! I like the button up, collar silk shirts, and the ra-ra skirts are really fun and summery too. Oh, and the high waist trousers are lovely aswell. The only annoyance is that American App.is so bleedin' expensive.. Really? 25 quid for a top- PLEASE. And has anyone else noticed there is NEVER a sale in that shop?

Anna x