The tube is a strange, uncomfortable place. I noticed, nearly 99 percent of people on the tube carriage you're in, look un-earthly, or just fucking weird. Today, I had a man who looked like a gingerbread that had been turned into a human but then had been thrown in a sewage dump, sitting next to me. He was really creepy, and kept looking at me. So I looked back, looking at his bushy eyebrows, and eyes, where one was bigger then the other, and one was squinting. He reminded me of something of the kids t.v show 'Trollz'. I hated the fact I was sitting opposite him, that he could see me and that I could see him. Isn't itweird that on the tube anyone gets to see anyone? Like we might aswell as be sitting at dinner, opposite eachother at a table, just not speaking.

Then you have the standard perves; hair greasing, mono brows juicy, and faces disgusting. I think the people get weirder, as you go out of the central bit of London and into the suburbs. Don't know why- they just do. Buses are different, they aren't awkward. Tubes are so blunt, so sharp, like everyone sitting opposite eachother, there is no avoiding glancing at them at some point. Sometimes you look at them, and they get the wrong impression, like shit man they're UP 4 IT i ain't going home solo tonite..
Or if a really nice guy is sitting opposite, and you don't want to look at them because it's cringe, and you go red because they are fit (maybs that's just me). My preference for tubes is the District line, it is spacious and is mostly overground, whereas the bloody central is so stuffy n' butters. It would be nice if instead we had little compartments, like balls, with seats, so you could go in one, or fit your friends in, and go through a tunnel thing.. Like in the Incredibles when they go into the island if you get me?

Anna x


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