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Right, so I popped down to Rough Trade (indiiE) in Notting Hill, and came across 'Serotonin', so decided to buy it.
I've really grown into buying CDs because you get to here all the songs, before they get on radio, and you get to rok out in your room, instead of being antisocial on your ipod. And if you're really badass you can krank ur speakas so your neighbours ring up the po-po. LOL. Okay, back to the music..(I'm commenting on some of my favourites)

The song Serotonin, is brilliant. It starts with an infectious beat, then fades down, and Blaine almost whispers the lyrics at first, then the singing gets louder and louder, then finally the catchy beat starts again with the chorus 'Serotonin you're burning a hole into my heart.' Towards the end, I feel an element of 'Grease', where the words 'Sera-serotonin' are repeated; you could almost imagine it being sung by a group of gelled haired, leather jacket wearing, dudes, in a diner (but in a good way).

Melt, is another great song which I can't seem to get out of my head. It begins with a slow, chilled out, vibe, like they have piece of grass in their mouth, bopping their heads. Then there is a build up, where the lyrics 'cos when you come around the house at night darling, there's just one thing I want to do, yeah when you come around the house at night darling, there's just one thing I want to do, all I wanna do is MELT MELT MELT MELT into you. When they say the words 'Melt', it's as if they have been gasping for air and have just released, or that they've been constipated the whole day, and then finally done a shit, and have been so happy they just wanna shout 'MELT MELT MELT'. Do you get what I mean? Whatevs.. Then the pace gets fast, and slightly chaotic, when the words 'this is what, I've been waiting for, been waiting for, been waiting for, (or something along the lines of that). Then yet again it breaks into the chorus MELT MELT MELT. I actually will pay someone a fiver if by the end of the song, you are not humming or singing 'Melt, melt, melt, melt into you. Literally.

I forgot to add, If you do buy this album, you get a groovy CD cover booklet, where the band appear to be somewhere exotic. The cover is of one of the members spraying his pits, one in the bath tub looking like 'FML' one going for the intellectual look and reading the paper, and then one chillin' by the balcony (chilled out dude). In the other bits of the cover, there is a picture of one of the guys shaving, a picture of a (i'm assuming) drunken night, where there is a chick gigglin', lying down on the boys, who seem wasted. It's not pretentious- almost like a picture diary, which is kinda cool.

I really recommend this album- the songs all sound different, and are toe-tapping beauties.

Anna x


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