my life is extremely embarassing.
I am dying my hair lilac and pink. I like change let's hope it doesn't look shite. So depressed i missed Darwin Deez at Latitude yesterday, and he was apparently walking around the bloody site. Gr8 missed my chance to pop the question will yu mari me? jok3z.

My thing under my tongue hurts, ew what the fuck. Speaking of body parts i have an original asset. My eyes are commonly identified with people who have downsyndrome or alcohol disease (don't know what that is). The two pieces of skin fold over, which makes my eyes look like 2 round bowling bowls. Sweet. It could mean i have oriental ancestors which i doubt tbh, or maybe i was messed up in the embryo.

Nina is away i miss her so much. I want a dog to keep me company, a lil' pup, i like how you can talk to them and pretend they agree with you when nobody else will.

Annz x


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