Yeah so i'm hating this bloody 'ok' sign these so called 'dons' make. You know what i mean, like the hand with the circle in the middle. What the hell is that? Like hehe i'm so hard even though i go to private schooling and live in a big house.. Literally it kills me everytime. And they look at the camera in a menacing way, like 'dnt mess wit me ye i swear ye i swear'. No you look like a twat making the sign which you comonly use to symbol 'A-Ok', like i'm okay everything is cool. Not wagwarrrnn bre skeen. Just stop now.

Then you have the really cool guys who think they trick people into thinking they're rooney by putting footie tops with their name on the back as their profile picture. Oh my... Nuff' said. It's like me putting a gold medal saying olympic winna 2009 as my profile picture and thinking FUCK they will fink i won dis shit. LOLZ LOLZ.

I hate with a passion when people say 'nomnomnom'. What does this mean? I assume eating.. Who the fuck goes nomnomnom while they're chewing. Like i said it really quick and it just sounds weird. The word nomnomnom makes me physically feel sick. Chewchewchew is a better bloody alternative if your REALLY that desperate to show that people chew when they're eating.Nice.

We found a really good website for watching movies, like Kick Ass at great quality. Well i didn't find it, but someone in our glass did. Literally it's sick.
its something like tv dome . com !
check it out

anna x


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