Okay, So we're writing a book

Right, so me and my cousin Larissa have decided to write a teenagers book.

Trying desperately to think of a good plotline, so far we intend on having either a stalker, a kidnapping..not quite sure.

BUT it will have a boom cliffhanger ending, so that it will force people to buy the sequel and then the film will be even more successful.

Yes, we have every intention of this book becoming a film. All British actors, you heard it here first.

If anyone has seen Labyrinth the film with David Bowie, that is our inspiration.

The power of the babe should not be underestimated.

Spiderwick chronicles will also have its effect on our novel.

Our film will also have a genius soundtrack that I intend on writing, reflecting the Harry Potter theme tune.

So yeah, basically we need a genius idea that will bless the pages of our novel, something juicy that will keep everyone reading. A real page turner.

Maybe throw in a paedophile or two? Bit 'ah death?

Please comment ith any clever ideas that you feel like sharing, we shall credit you on the blurb.

Much love, Neenz and Larissa x


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