Trendy wendys

OK. So, why do people follow fashion trends?
Like, who the fuck is making all the weird rules. 'Tarten is so in', 'Black is the new red'. Shut up. It's like a cult if you think about it. People are dictating to people what to wear, and thousands of magazines are published everywhere.

Who even says these people are 'stylish'? The majurity of them are the opposite. Do people want to look the same- so if camoflauge was in one season, all the 'fashionistas' would rock out wearing it. It's creepy, like fashion following robots.

And those who are so devout to this regime of changing clothes every fucking month, how do you afford it? You have to chuck the clothes you secretly love in your closet because a page in a book tells you to.

I'm not saying people should wear neon pink trousers and feathers in their hair to be different, but just wear what YOU want. You don't look fashionable wearing something that thousands of bored, sad, woman want you to wear because they have nothing better to do.

Anna bo nana x


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