Harvi Dubstep Dehal

Right, so on Facebook there are three types of people.
one) you have the people you actually want to talk to
two) you have the people you don't know
three) you have the people who are so piss annoying, you think that they live JUST to get on your nerves.

Harvi Dehal Dubstep, would be option two and three.
Yes, this is someone I don't know who annoys the shit out of me.

So let me hit you with a standard convo between me and Dubby.

HARVI: wah bloww?
ME: what in gods name?
HARVI: You okaaaaiiii??
ME: yeah i'm great.
HARVI: Ask me how ii am deen! come onnn!!! looooeeeel
Don't make me par witchu yee? Coz I will.
ME: What the fuck are you on about?
HARVI: I'm a darby lad ye? don't even get it twisted i'll murk you. wiv my fwendz.
Look me up on TooHardTV my rhymes are all over da world
ME: Can you stop talking now please..
HARVI: LOOOOeeeel your bare funny ye!
ME: I'm not joking..
HARVI: AAAAH mate dont par wit me yeyeye, lets chat. what type of music do you like?
ME: Go away.
HARVI: Do you like dubstep? I do i do i do.
ME: No shit, you put it in your name coolio.
HARVI: LOEL! See you are talking to me!! looel hows skl hows skl? how's sonia? how's anna?
HARVI: I know your jokang! lets be m8z!
HARVI: Nina? niiiiina??? come awwwwn your my gal! why'd you dislike me?
ME: Your so annoying.
HARVI: NO WAY! I'll get my friend to call you yeah and say I'm not annoying!
ME: Meh.
HARVI: Me? Me????? i fought you dont liiike me :(

Yes kids, that is a standard convo with Harvi Dehal. I think he spends every waking moment purposely trying to make me pull hair out.

I think he may have a personal goal to see how long it will take him to make me throw a shoe at the computer screen.
How many angry messages do I have to send for him to realise this is not some strange game I do to pass the time, I actually just don't like talking to you.

Thank you and goodnight x


  1. alright now...this shit has been and edit the convo has anyway.

  2. and you can tell that's not me speaking because i don't spell darby like that it's spelt derby and i don't spell ye like that i spell it yeh..and i don't spell skl like that..i say it like this SCHOOL..so this is not really much of a par..but when i drop on sb.tv or TooHardForTv that's gonnna be a par


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